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Like BigEvil said, why not a pneumag? The trigger lightens up a ton, and with a level X you aren't going to chop. You get the no batteries, a really light trigger, won't break down, very little maintenance, and cycling speed you need. If that's still too heavy a trigger, you can make it an EP mag pretty easily too. And since you like pump, that's still an option if you want to later on down the road. It's not as efficient as a mini/axe, but does all the other stuff you want.
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Really, it comes down to, do you want an expensive project gun that will receive knowing, approving nods from aficionados, or do you want a work-horse, electronic tournament gun that you can just gas up, set the tournament BPS-cap, and go.

It's the OP's choice.
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Originally Posted by BigEvil
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Originally Posted by coyote View Post

Please explain to me what part of the AGD valvetrain is "outdated".

I shoots as consistently as anything else on the market. It durability has no equal. It can cycle as fast as any other marker on the market. There isn't a single outdated concept in that package.
You can't cap the rate of fire. Sure, you can use an emag, but it'll be heavier.
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Sure you can. EP Mag. Cheaper, lighter, can be capped if you're using a cap-able board, and actually really, really easy to make.
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Axe hands down. As nice as mags can be. An Axe will just keep up better.


Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
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As for legality and rules, no ref that I have had recognizes a mag. I bring my warp feed to games and get a "wft?" from all but the most season of staff. My level 7 mag has chopped zero paint, and the mini I used to own chopped every now and then. Eyes are overrated when you have a tuned X-valve. The last tourny I was in, my electro spazed and I switched to my phantom (we placed first). The gun doesn't make the man. I suggest to borrow and try both for a tourny and see which you like better. Both are good markers but very vastly on taste. As long as you do well with a mag, you aren't weighing your team down.
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Originally Posted by sdawg View Post
It doesn't have eyes, it has a heavy trigger pull, it kicks like a mule.

Without a level 10 kit, an automag is a paintblender. With a level 10 kit, the trigger pull is heavier and requires higher tank input pressure.

also, the gun can require a tank that outputs 1000psi, which means less shots per fill.

The Axe is simple to maintain, has eyes, doesn't break paint, and can run on a low pressure tank, meaning more shots per fill.
A mag doesn't need eyes with the level 10. The ULT trigger on my mag makes it super light. I also use a 12" ultralight barrel and it doesn't kick at all - in fact it barely makes any noise.

My HPA tank isn't set to 1000psi and I've never run out of air in a game. I just top it off with a scuba tank between rounds.

The fact is a fully upgraded Mag or Tac One is still viable for the tournament style you're looking at (college - not pros). I think the problem you're going to run into is your budget. You'll probably want a good barrel system, a Rotor & a tank. Ouch! Even if you can find some used items, that's going to set you back $200 - $250. So the question becomes, can you find a fully upgraded Mag package for $250 - $300? What about an Axe for the same amount? I'd look for the best deal for the money. Remember, a carpenter never complains about his tools.
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the Axe would be more acceptable. Lot easier for you to throw paint down the field, move to bunkers, lane, and what not.

If you really want to shoot your mag, then do it. It really doesn't matter as long as you're willing to put forth the effort.

Best of luck in the NCPA, it's a blast.
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Thanks for all the advice, I actually have a classic automag I ahven't got to play with yet, picked it up for a pretty decent price but its been leaking, got the parts kit in today. So, I can use the classic as a backup if needed. Think im going to go with the axe.
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