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I thought he was referring to the Rap4 powder balls which are made of wax and ARE designed as an alternative to paintballs. and are suppose to be shot at 200 fps. so obviously there are 2 right answers
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If you want some of the RAP4 rounds send me your address and I'll send you a 10 round tube of them to try....I have plenty
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For the record, rifled barrels won't ever do anything for paintball. You need the rifling to cut the projectile, and even then you need to get it to a ridiculously high rpm that can't be done with a paintball marker, and if you could the projectile is too light for it to be of any benefit. The closest you can come to better accuracy and range from something like that is the first strike round.

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im going to you up on that chaos
this big tranformer came through a town like 30 miles from my hometown!!
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Rap-4 powder balls are the devil. I won't let anyone use them at my place anymore. I ended up with a fractured finger after taking a few to the hand. Plus there is the gag factor. If you are hiding behind a bunker and someone lights it up with powderballs, you end up with a lungfull. Not cool.
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My $0.02:
They are painful, the inconsistent powder filling is what causes this, I had in a tube of ten a range of 3.3 grams through 4.7 grams per ball. They fly OK, but not anything to tell your friends about. They should not really be shot at people, but if they must, use them below 200fps for cqc only. Also I don't know what the check they are filled with . . . . Just throwing that out there, though I think it smells like chalk dust. Hope this helps, I would.stick to paint given the option.
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They were used as anti tank balls in the big game here. They shot fairly well , but it was hard for the refs to see that you hit the target.
Ive been shot with them at 300fps and they hurt just like normal winter grade paintballs.
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The worse welt I ever got playing "paintball" was from one of these rounds at 200fps. After 19 years of playing, that's saying something.

I don't like them, at all. They smell like baby powder and leave a waxy build up in your barrel.

I got to see what one of these does to the inside of a marker when it breaks inside the gun. The gun was some kind of electro. It was leaking because the powder mixed with the grease and made a kind of lapping compound.
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The local police force practices with these powderballs because they hurt more. That way, its more incentive to not get shot in the training exercises. Also, I've seen what these things do to car doors. Can you say dents-a-many?
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