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Why do some flex owners flip up the bottoms?

Just like the title says, I can't find a picture right now, but I've always wondered...why do some people who wear flexes flip up the bottom? I honestly think it looks kinda stupid, but that is just me...

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Able to breathe better when they are doing it?
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I find it muffles my voice less when yelling out team location, pushes, etc.

I guess your mask might fog less seeing as your hot breath doesn't go up towards your lense?
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its agg !
to smoke? or spit the tobacky
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To look stupid.
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because they want to give their dentists money while looking agg and thinking they are cool? when i had flexs one kid at the field would roll them every time i took them off i got pretty angry it just ruins the bottoms over time and is silly
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I've never seen it during a game, but I've seen guys do it to smoke and chew between games.

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I've had mine like that since I started playing in '98. I dunno why I started doing that...I just like it. Its all personal preference.
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Ironically, I think it protects your face better. The flex bottoms are normally really soft, and folding them over doubles the protection of your mouth area, at the sacrifice (sometimes) of your chin.

Most folks do it for communication or breathing. it also makes the mask smaller, and it doesn't hit the air tank when you shoulder your gun, or hit your chest when you look down.
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