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I am down in sigonella. We have a good field. When the parts come in for the scuba tanks you can come down here to play.
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Originally Posted by Bob View Post
I am down in sigonella. We have a good field. When the parts come in for the scuba tanks you can come down here to play.
Thanks for the offer, but I'm trying to fix things up here. It's been a while since I've seen that field but it was definitely nice. You wouldn't happen to know if there's a website for that field would you? I'm looking for info on the hours, contact information, etc.

Is the layout still like this or has it changed?

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It isn't that nice right now but it will be soon. The grass is in pachas and almost all of the black tubing is gone. People made bunkers out of plywood. There was a huge wind storm that came thru and took down a chunk of the netting. The person in charge ordered me nets and bunkers but it is coming on a ship so it will take three months. It is still a fun little speedball field when the have paint and people come out. Paul is running it thru ITT but he is leaving soon. If I get my surgerners, italian greed card, so I will be running the paintball field and can get you more info. Good luck getting that place safe and playable.
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Steaming fresh pictures right here. Managed to get out to Carney today and took some pictures. But before that, here's some new info.
1) There's been another burglary and I do have some photos.
2) They have a... unique new policy. Unless enough people call into to ask when/if they're having paintball that weekend, they will not have paintball. They were also unable/unwilling to define how many "enough" is. So there is no more semi-monthly paintball. God these people suck. Anyhow, here's some pictures with a brief description beneath each. The pictures will probably be huge again but oh well.

The picture above is a corner shot of the field and yes those ridiculous SOLID METAL clown face things are actually on the field. So for obstacles, they actually place the inflatable cover in between the sticks and somewhat inflate them. Some of the inflatable covers don't actually have their seals. One of the obstacles in the building has a water bottle shoved in to "cork" it.

That's the sad little pro-shop. Or at least what remains of it. Way too many spiders in there to justify a picture.

The incredibly secure tanks in this picture. Nothing really new since the last time I took a pic there.

Here's where they entered for the most recent break-in. I think we're on 5 now. They pulled the whole damn window out. Bars and all. Did I mention I hate this place?...

Okay I have no idea. Maybe they tried to fill that hole in the wall with a ball of duct tape? Regardless, that's how I found it.

Here's a picture of the building. This is what you'd see if you were actually able to find the building. The building wouldn't be too bad if they'd just clean it. And secure it. And staff it. And, okay yeah...

So there it is. I don't think anyone is still keeping up with this thread after that burst of activity, but I promised the pictures so, yeah. Still waiting for contact from the MWR field owner from Japan. If anyone else has any ideas for what to do or would like to comment on the sheer god-awfulness of this place, knock yourself out.

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Damn man some serious breakins! pulled out the window frame? Yea man I'm guessing its out in the middle of nowhere for that type of crap to happen. Knocking holes in walls? The only way that place to ever work would be to store everything off site and bring everything in when you played. if that's not feasable then id just start looking into the other course at the other base. Sorry dude
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Im curious, do they actually still have anything work stealing?
are they getting replacement markers after each break in?
Your insurance company might refuse to pay out any more unless they make the area more secure
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It's not that out there. It's actually about 20 yards from the 9th or so hole on a golf course. As for replacements... yeah. The reason, well okay there's so many reasons, but the main reason I think the break-ins are planned/executed by the staff there is because of the replacements.
All the fields I have been to use Tippmann 98s as their rental markers. Nothing wrong with that. It's a great marker. However, the prodigal walrus that is in charge of Carney often orders Invert Minis or other high-end electronic markers as replacement for the original stolen 98s. His BS answer when I talked to him about it so many months ago was "It has fewer parts so it's easier to use." I do not like that man.
Anyway, less than a week after these markers come in, there's another burglary. They just make an entrance, load up the still minty fresh markers and drive away. These markers aren't insured. Since Carney and all its facilities are actually rented by the government these markers are paid for by your tax money. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And yes I'm sure... Starting to feel the love yet?

Before I found this site I had a running review of the field on PBreview. It'll give you a little extra info >>> Carney Park Paintball (Naples, Italy) |
It's about a year old, but you know the most recent stuff. But this gives you a better idea of the hole I'm in. I can't count on the competency of the staff there, I can't trust that fat in charge of Carney, and I can't be sure other people will understand what a wreck the place is. Base security isn't even aware of these past three (out of 5?) break-ins as far as I know.
And so, I lay my hopes and dreams upon you. The mighty paintball community.

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you in here.
I'll be throwing some things out there, in no particular order, please bare with me.

MWR really should be changed to NWR. The whole organization is centered around Numbers. Welfare and Recreation are also there. . . Morale, not so much, unless the numbers show otherwise. Everything about it comes down to numbers.
Chances are paintball is a Category "B" program, meaning that it does not need to make profit, it only needs to cover its expenses. If the facility is being broken into, and equipment carried off, they can't make these numbers work. It's a terrible way to look at things, but it's true. In order to shift the numbers in the right direction, several problems will need to be addressed.
First, the facility needs some security. Or some form of secure storage. I highly recommend insulated shipping containers (Connex boxes) they're wonderful for locking things up. Make sure you recommend insulated!
Next issue is that field. A clean, safe field can make a world of difference in the number of customers. I would start by trying to find a group of people willing to put in some work to fix things up. Then get your MWR safety officer involved. Be polite and tell the supervisor in charge of the field that you would like to work with the safety officer to get the field safe again. Politely throw that word in a couple times, and it WILL be listened to. (just a warning, the US Navy Paintball Safety Requirements are the same used in the late 80s: no fps limit, no netting required, goggles - not masks, all kinds of fun stuff, staging must be 100 yards from game play - due to no netting)
Spread the word about trying to fix this up. People love to shoot their friends. It might not be easy to find a group of people that want to help fix it up. But if it's important to ya, you will find them.
I have found the best volunteers tend to be people that have never played before that are introduced to paintball in a positive way. The second best helpers are rednecks, especially if you have woodsball. Seabees are also good. I would try to get the field operator's cooperation, then try to get groups involved. You might be surprised at some groups that would love to help. I've even had luck with the officer's spouse groups. Since you're not in charge of the field, remember to ask for permission to do this, then seek help.

Finally, in anything you try to get done, be nice about it. Be sincere, and be polite. The quickest way to make people want to not help you is to tell them how terrible they are. If you can show them numbers of how many people will use their field if it's repaired and maintained things can go good. You don't need exact numbers or petitions, but interest from multiple people is a good thing.

Good luck to you.
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Doubt anyone still haunts this thread but there's actually been a development.

As of 8/03/12 there will be paintball once a month on Support Site.
Aaannnnnnnnnnnddddddd that's it for the good news.

Here's the bad news.
I went there to play today and it could be best described as a cluster****. They had no chronograph or tool kit to alter marker velocity so when I asked how I was supposed to tune my marker one of the refs said just let him see it since he can tell if it needs tuning. Yeah, the man claimed he can find the velocity of a marker just by watching the round. The paint was also left exposed out in the sunlight and the mid-day heat which is hot just about everywhere in the world right now. The real kicker for me when was I asked when the safety brief will be. There wasn't one.
There was a good turn-out which is nice and luckily most of the people there had no idea how paintball was suppose to be played. They issued the osame 12 Tippmann 98s they always have and each person get 100 rds. That's it: no extra paint even if you offer to pay again. They didn't even have enough barrel bags for each marker. As always mask wearing was loosely enforced. So to top it all off you have kids who have never played paintball before, some wearing masks, some not, without barrel bags walking outside the netted area with the rest of the people, carrying aired-up 98s with 100 rds each. I'll be honest, I'm not sure which god to thank for preventing an incident.

The matches were 5 minutes each and took place in an inflatable arena which for whatever reason couldn't fully inflate. The obstacles inside were also partially filled, probably since they didn't start setting up until less than four hours prior. Matches were played until the 5 minutes were up or all players ran out of paint/air. These were not elimination matches. These were "nail your opponent(s) until you or they run out of paint" matches. Paint is still the PMI premium aged like a fine wine. Groups were formed based on no particular order what-so-ever. I was in group #5 with 2 brothers while group #11 consisted of 5 random guys. According to the MWR staff there, there was absolutely no way they could move one person from one group to another. My two "opponents" were never given their allotted 100rds so I offered each one of my filled Dye pods since I brought my own paint. The paint I brought is just REALLY old field paint they offer so I saw no harm. The individual in charge of the event came over when she saw and asked how much the pods held. I told her they can carry 140 rds each. She got pissed, yelled at me, then instructed each of the kids to count 40 rounds out of their hopper. Despite me being placed against two kids who have never played the sport before and the treatment they received from MWR staff, they seemed to genuinely have fun during and after the match. That was my badge of honor for the week

Tomorrow from 8-11 a.m. they're advertising 3-man team matches. That should bring fellow paintballers on base out of the woodwork. I'll probably update after that.

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Not a great start, but a start. Typical ignorance as far as the staff goes. Not saying that other fields are like that, but that the staff is just checking boxes on their clipboards and not actually understanding how things are. I would suggest offering to put together an updated list of things that need to happen and the content that goes along with it.

Get a yellow hand held chrono to start with.

Come up with a safety briefing.

Is there really a need for more than 2 groups/teams in a rec setting?

Being hellbent on how much paint each person has, really? When the teams aren't evenly divided, one is going to have more paint than another normally anyway.

Any way to get a commander involved in the thefts? I have a feeling they wouldn't be very happy to know about the break-ins, especially if it was staff members.

Good luck and good job.
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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.
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