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where to buy macroline fittings?

Just realized that I'm short one 90deg swivel fitting. However, checking on ebay and various pb websites, they typically cost around $8 a piece after counting shipping.

The price seems a bit high to me. Is this typical for such a small piece? Is there anywhere I can find these for cheaper?
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Have blue sells a rather nice kit where you get 15 fittings(5 straight, 90, and swivel 90) plus 5' of macroline. great deal when you need a lot of both.
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That's a great deal for the kit on airsoldier, I need a few too. Thanks for the info nobody.
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nah Titus doesn't carry them anymore. He only has some used ones, but that may work for you. pm him
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Don't buy just one. If you do that, you're going to be looking for another one in the future. Just buy five or so, that way you have a few on-hand "just in case".
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You might want to check locally, as well. There's a Pneumatic and Hydraulic shop where i live that sells them. I know the owner, so he gets me everything at cost. But even at shelf prices, there cheaper than most places. Check your local listing.
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