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Originally Posted by jhyan View Post
Less a question of how rare, and more of how desirable. There may be more ducks, but they are also desired more, so they go for $1500+.

I'm gonna still say about $300-$350 for the comp.
Before you said 400 with a RARE piece such as a pump changer. Did you mean to use the word Desirable instead, as it affected the value? When RARE does not?
Now its 300-350 regardless of the pumpchanger, unique handcarved Grips that melt in your hand, and the obvious RARE unique Pump handle on the gun.
I understand the basic concept of Supply and Demand, and also that what something is worth and what is paid for it are two different things.
I am just trying to get a good value/worth from someone.
I also know that anyone interested in owning it is not going tell me its worth $10,000, and then pay that if they wanted it....more like "yeah....I think its worth $50, but I will give you $100 to be nice, how's that sound?" LOL
I bought a dye/buzzard used for $550 a fews years back, and a year later traded it for Dark Shocker cause I really wanted one. The buzzard never had a hold on me like the comp always has, and i traded it away knowing I could always find another one. Does that make the Comp worth more than the buzzard? To me...yes I suppose. To the masses, who knows. But that is what I am trying to find out.
Probably gonna have to touch base with Carter Machine on this, send some pics, and try to get some background on the comp, maybe if Earon remembers building them like this, for who, and when....etc.. Unless someone else knows any info like that maybe and is a member of the forum...hint hint...and Collects Vintage Carters...hint hint
I always thought that with Collectibles the Rarer something was, the more it was worth to someone who collects it? Obviously not the more they would pay$ for it, but the more it was worth.
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Originally Posted by Darkspartan36 View Post
Before you said 400 with a RARE piece such as a pump changer.
I said maybe $400 with a rare piece. I'm not looking for a carter, I've already got mine, so I'm not trying to drive down the value for personal gain, just trying to give an honest assessment.

Yes it has a pump changer, which is not a common carter piece, but it also isn't in very good shape, which brings the value down in my eyes. I've seen oldschool carters go anywhere from $450 to $200... the market is more dependant on who is looking at the time then any sort of static pricing structure.

My advice... if you want to sell it, put it up kinda high, and let people talk you down some. If you put it up for $400 firm, you may not get a single person intersted (I said may... I have no idea who is looking for carters right now). If you put it up for $250, you may get 10 people interested, but then you will always feel like you could have gotten more.
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They might be handfinsihed, but I wouldn't personally wouldn't categorize them as the most desireable of grips.

Tim Stone from the Kamikaze Shooters used to hand make the grips for Uncle Earon and also the early Navarone Bushmaters when they were still just a Nelspot barrel kit.

Tim's always had the thumb shelf carved into them and he stained his grips not painted. Tim offered a variety of wood types so the end user could get the grain pattern and wood coloration they wanted.
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Actually these dont have the thumbrest on either side, if that matters any. I have shot an older carter with thumbrest grips, like the grips that also were on the tri-car i think, and they are not even close to as comfortable.
As people have different preferance and hand size, maybe they wouldnt have the same affect as they do with me. But they are the most natural, hand fitting grips i have ever felt; why i used the term "melt" i think.
I just really want to know if this was one in a batch of "team guns" back in the day, or something special or whatever.
Like the milled muzzle break fixed barrel, pump handle, etc.. dont seem "typical" to what I have seen.
Kinda like the Frame on your comp SHIBA-KUN. Very unique to what I have commonly seen on older comps. Shape, milled trigger, checkering on backstrap similar to what I have seen on some ducks...etc..
I even think your frame is the same I have seen on that sweet looking Gecko Blaster on you tube,forums...
To me that makes your Carter pretty Desirable. Establishing a worth on that gun of yours? If You had a price, I would consider buying it myself.
Anyone have any of their own pics of old school individualized Carter markers they would post? 80's and EARLY 90's only.I should probably start a new thread for that one, or Hell, there should be a website for That one!
Grip pics......below.
Anyone know how to include pics in the reply/post rather than just the link? I havent figured it out yet.
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Originally Posted by Shiba-Kun View Post
Tim Stone from the Kamikaze Shooters
There's a name I haven't heard in a while. Great guy, great player. Does he still play?
(sorry- thread jack)
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