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Mask Cam Camera Suggestions

I really want a mask cam but I don't want to spend $300 on a camera. What kind of "budget" camera should I get that would be good? I'm thinking of sub $150. Any suggestions?
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a used gopro 1.
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Depends on your form factor.

I would suggest a used go pro or contour roam.

I use the contour roam and love it.

Here's recent footage from tough mudder.
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Save up to get something. Not sure of your budget, but take a moment and think about why a camera is selling for say $100, when others are selling for more. Probably going to be a weak body, so one hit from a paintball, and it's toast.

You can find deals on used GoPro's and Contours, just need to look for them. The GoPro's are going to be a weaker body, but they come in a shell that will keep them pretty safe from a paintball hitting them. The Contours have a sturdier body, but tend to have a bit more size to them. But there are a whole lot of options to mounting them. Very easy to work with.

The only problem that I have with the Roam is that they have built in battery that you recharge and can't remove and replace. This means that if you are filming, and know that you will actually be on a field for more than two hours, you have to pick when you are filming, and when you aren't. With the Contour, and the Contour HD (The ones that will be probably more in your price range), and maybe the Contour GPS, you have removable batteries, so you can charge up two or three, and have your camera rolling almost the entire time during a full day of paintball, especially if you are involved in big games.
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GoPro HD Hero. You can find 'em used for under $150 pretty frequently.
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I use a Tachyon Ops SD, which is dirt cheap (<$90), but mediocre quality compared to Contours and GoPros. If HD is important, go with one of those, and if battery life is important, probably the GoPro with the previously mentioned removable battery.

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