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wants to get into some pump play

New to MCB so how y'all doing? But onto to business, I am strictly speedball player who wants to pump! I've went to my local field and hit the wods for a bit and played against a guy with a pump. I'm thinking my axe will cut him up.....the dude was beast! Anyway, it made me interested in playing some pump I just don't know anything about pump markers. Can anyone gived me some ideas for a good entry level priced pu

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You can find cheap Cocker pumps for under $200...I'd pick up a cheap open class pump to get started, just incase you end up not liking it, you didn't sink a ton of money into it.
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Welcome to MCB, and potentially pump play. You definitely will find plenty of pump players and a plethora of different setups for those individuals. The best way to get into pump [or any form of paintball] is to get to know other players and see if they will let you try out what they have and like. Equipment and setup opinions are as varied as the players.

Some questions you will be asked about you preferences:

Open Class or Stock Class or Hybrid of the two?
Open Class - Constant Air, Direct Feed [or hopper fed]
Stock Class - Stick Feed paint and CO2 cartridge
Stacked Tube or Nelson based?
Stacked tube - like an Autococker, Sheridan, Spyder...etc one "tube" on top of the other
Neslon Based - like your AXE, Phantom, Grey Ghost...etc. everything in one "tube"
Auto Trigger or no Auto Trigger?
Do you want to be able to hold the trigger and have the marker fire every time you pump the gun automatically (Auto trigger)
Weight is weight a concern to you?
If you want a light marker some potential pumps can immediately be ruled out. i.e almost anything brass, Carter Buzzards...etc
My favorite pump currently is the Pyre, my review of the the Pyre I bought when they first came out..

It [Pyre] still is my favorite but I also own several Snipers [Pump Cockers] of differing manufacture, a few LAPCO pumps [Grey Ghost, Grey Spirit, Wrath, "Franken-Ghost"], Sheridan [Piranha LB, SB] and CCI Phantom. All are great guns and I like to take them all out for a spin every once and a while but I always take my Pyre with me. It never lets me down and just feels right when I use it.

I tend to prefer Open Class and use limited paint or play hopper ball. I have nothing against stock class and have been know to break out my stock class Phantom but that is more an exception then a rule for me.

What will you like? I have no idea but if you ever run into me and ask nicely I'll let you try anything I have on me and you can make up your own mind.

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pm sent. Im local and maybe I can help you out.
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I just switched from 6 years of tournament speedball. I got tired of laying down lanes and eventually getting bunkered and overshot. Plus I was dropping $150 a weekend on practice.

Pump is so much more fun and a hell of a lot cheaper. I play stock class so I take about 100 rounds on the field, for a long game. You learn to move more, pick your shots, and make them count.

I played last weekend and one game I didn't pull the trigger once, however I was able to watch almost their whole team move and was able to put my team mates into postition to get eliminations.

It's a whole new style of playing and I encourage everyone to try it once.

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Empire Sniper. Has all the features you will want to start out with. Without sinking alot of money into a set-up. Down the road it would make a great back-up.

If you decide you like pump play then you can venture into the waters of higher end pumps or brass guns. Yes CCM guns are awesome, however if you aren't 100 percent sure then it is a big investment to make just to try something out.

Used guns are going for a premium and you will get what you pay for so be careful and research your buy. Sniper (autocockers that have been un-auto'd) pumps are great too, if you can find a good deal on a used one you won't be dissapointed.
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I agree with the others you will be able to play more
for cheaper

I bought my T2 the other day, took it to the feild and bought $20 worth of paintballs (200)
and played from 11am-330pm and then some one gave me a hopper full (45-50)
and played again until 6:30pm.

I played stock class first with my phantom and thumper, now i like to switch it up
during the day with my T2 i like the open class!
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What's your budget?
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See if you can't track down a cheap Trilogy Autococker (would be in the mechanical section of the B/S/T), and then get this from ANSgear: Autococker Pump Kit - Trilogy Series

A trilly and what I linked above would put you out a hundred bucks or so, if you can find a good low price for the trilly.

Then just remove the pneus, screw in the center rod, attach pump kit, shoot people.

Oh and you might want to get a regulator--Trilogy's come stock with just a gas-thru-grip.

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could always go for an azodin kp. probably the cheapest pump gun out (minus a pgp or something), and they've been getting great reviews.

on a side note, coming from speedball to pump, don't expect to automatically be 'beast'. you're going to take your fair share of lumps before you get good with a pump.
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