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PMI Trracer Question

Hey all,

I'm picking up a PMI Trracer from my local paintball shop in the next week or so, and I have a question... How well do they work with HPA?

I know they'd work good with Co2, as that what they most likely were developed for originally, but I tend to not use Co2 (except 12g's).

Aaaand another question.

According to the PbReview page for the trracer, found HERE, there are two versions--standard and deluxe. According to the info, the deluxe features an "adjustable velocity bolt". Does that mean that the standard's velocity doesn't adjust? If so, is it possible to track down a deluxe-style bolt? I'm not sure which version the one at the store is.

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Standard to change the velocity one way is to change the springs. Finding the bolt that is adjustable is a challenge as they don't often come up for sale.
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bacci has a couple of adjustable bolts if you end up needing one.
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Some work fine on HPA, some don't. A nelson spring kit will help, so will the velocity adjustable bolt.

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If it's a later model it will come with all the bells and whistles (adj bolt, slotted take down screws etc) . Remove the barrel and if it looks like the top of an Allen screw inside the bolt then it's adjustable. If it's. A round hole all the way through then it's not.
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Mine is fine on air, with the stock springs and whatever. They're nice reliable backup pumps.
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