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Value of Rapide C/A?

I got this constant air adaptor for my splatmaster (not rapide), but I need to hack it up a bit for it to work properly. Before I do that, I have to make sure it's not super-rare and worth a fortune or anything.

All I know is that its a Taso made C/A adaptor for a rapide. I think it's from the Gator kit? The black bit (the asa I guess) has a dovetail sight rail on it, and I beleive it hooks onto the back of the rapide.

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Are you planning on removing the backbottle, and hose, and replacing with a mini-cocker adapter to run on a splastmaster? with a 3.5oz?

That would not require any "permanent" modifications to the kit. They are rare now, though those Gator kits were very common around 1990. You might get $20-30 here for it, though like I said, if you are just swapping on a minicocker adapter, so should be able to revert it back if needed.

Though, do rapides and splats have the same threading? I assume they do, but you never know.


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Yeah I'm pretty much doing that, except I'm going to clamp it to the front of the trigger guard and run a 3.5 oz, but I still have to remove the big metal backbotlle ASA. Nothing permanent I guess, but just incase I just had to make sure.

And yes the threads match. One problem with it though, is that the angle is different, but I've already worked that out. Hope to post my splatmaster soon enough.
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Don't know, I havn't been able to get $45 out of my 'gator complete with the origional rapide parts.
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