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HPA filling question

OK, I can get free nitrogen. What type of fill adapter can I use to fill my HPA tanks from a large bottle? Can I use a CO2 fill station? Please help.
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No you can not use a CO2 Fill station. You fill CO2 by weight and HPA is filled by pressure.

Example of what you need:
Ninja Paintball High Pressure Fill Station - Lowest price available from

This can be very dangerous [as, so can filling CO2] if done wrong. Get someone knowledgeable to teach you proper practices for filling HPA [Nitrogen]. It is not difficult but if you make a mistake it can be very very dangerous.

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The most common adapter I have seen is the SCUBA fill adapter, but the valve on a SCUBA bottle is different than the valve on a bulk storage tank.

If the valve on a bulk CO2 tank is the same as the bulk storage tanks for nitrogen then you should be able to connect the adapter end of the CO2 fill station. I would make sure it can handle the pressure that is stored inside the nitrogen tanks though. Most paintball shops and fields that have a compressor fill their bulk storage tanks to a pressure above what they fill to so they don't have to run the compressor all day. Example would be my home field. They fill paintball air bottles to 3,000 PSI but they fill their storage tanks to 3,500 PSI. All the hoses have a higher operating rating than that.

I would also recommend a regulator to bring the pressure down to the max fill pressure of you paintball bottle. That way you don't run the risk of over filling your bottle and blowing a burst disk or your regulator.

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