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to barrel kit or not to barrel kit...

I'm contemplating going for a barrel kit - can anyone out there give me a rundown on the improvement (if any) they saw going from a decent shooting stock barrel to a kit?

Or, put better - is buying a kit worth spending as much money as I would playing 4 or 5 more times this season?

and a related question - anyone have a freak barrel they don't want. I have someone local who has an extra set of inserts he's willing to let go cheap.
-Bryce Larson
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As far as accuracy, if you have a good stock barrel, and the paint fits OK in it, you wont see much improvement. I am sure if you put the gun on a rest and had some graph sheet you would find that mathematically the kit is better, but in the bushes and bunkers, not so much.
What did it for me was that no matter what field paint you have to use, you can get it to fit your barrel. No more roll outs, velocity spikes, or broken balls. Think vertical accuracy, not horizontal.
I would assume that having a half dozen one peice barrels in all different sizes would be better, but the price would sting.
I have a freak kit, so all of my assumptions are based on that.
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I recently invested in a freak kit after playing with with various single piece barrels, and I will never go back. You can expect better efficiency and consistency. I do not get out to play often, and do not have a regular field that I go to so my paint choices vary. Having the kit allows me to better match whatever paint i come across.
Now if you have barrel that matches your field paint, there isnt much of a need for a kit.
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I would recommend a Python Paintball compression system. If you have a stock barrel or other after-market barrel that you like, you can continue to use it with the Python Paintball system. So you won't "lose" any investment you've made in other barrels that you like. Also, I've noticed that with the python system improving paint-to-barrel match, my stock barrels perform as well as the Lapco barrels I've used to this point.

Python Paintball, Give Your Balls A Squeeze

I use the system with all my markers, and I have seen the biggest improvements with my Ion and AutoCocker (especially the A/C because I can finally eliminate barrel roll-outs).

Did I mention that Python Paintball now makes a back that lets you put a cocker barrel on a twist-lock automag? I have the first one ever made, and I still need to do an "MCB reviews it" post.
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If you're using a closed bolt marker then barrel kits are a great idea, or at least a set of different bore barrels that can fit your paint. On an open bolt marker where the ball is held in place by some kind of detent system it's not as big a deal.
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Originally Posted by sdawg View Post
I saw these at the Michigan Monster Game this year.

I seem to remember something about the control bore needing to be a certain length in order to maximize efficiency and velocity. The control bore on these kits is very short - an inch to an inch and a half IIRC. Is that really enough to do anything?

If you're shooting .684 or smaller paint in a 98 Custom (which has a large bore stock barrel), and you add this kit, does that inch and a half of sized barrel really help that much?

And to stay on topic, I play on trying out the J&J Edge Kit when they are released...
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I have been using the Python kit since they came out. I LOVE my kit. I wouldn't use my Sniper without one.

EDIT: Can I get a link to this adapter previously mentioned?
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My own thoughts are that the barrel fit issue is somewhat overblown. Why you ask? I've got a Psycho Ballistics autococker that came stock with what could only be adequitely described as a "downspout pipe" for a stock barrel. This two peice barrel and back is literally up around .696 in diameter according to my measurements. I used it as my guinea pig for my spring wire detent mod to prevent rollouts.

Turns out that it shoots pretty darn nice. And when I lent it out to someone they returned it with a comment about how it shot so much tighter than their own gun (No idea what they had at this point but no one in that group shot cheap toy stuff).

So I'm more in tune with the idea that if the darn thing is straight and you feed it decent paint it'll shoot straight and tight.

Now efficiency is a whole other issue. The extra gas running down the sides past the ball likely makes all the difference between it being a gas hog and a tea totaller...
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The phantom's stock barrel is huge.

I saw no improvement with a freak system. Shot to shot consistency was teh same, and my efficiency was the same. and nothing makes you count efficiency like using 12grams

Same as when I used an Evil Pipe kit on a blowback. No accuracy improvement. Even when I tried HPA to see if the better consistency would bring out some fine amount of accuracy from the barrek kit.
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I think the quality of the paintball makes as much of a difference as anything. Probably the most difference. A round, consistently sized bag of paintballs will shoot well through any barrel, IMO.

As for the length of the control bore in the Python kit... I was wondering about that myself, but I can only conjecture as to what the effect of length is. I have noticed that my paint shoots straighter when I use the python kit, even with my stock barrels and less-than-perfect paint.
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