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There are tons of WWII scenarios. Do you like that time frame for scenarios? I have to say I do. There are tons of battles you can set up off of WWII. I really like what MPP Games has done over the last 3 years. The have The Band of Brothers series. Like this year is all Noth African Campains. Next year romur is that they will be doing Battles of the Pacific.
MPP Games puts tons of real history in to there games. I like that.

Do you like WWII? Do you like for it to be close to the real history? I just wondered what you guys think. What WWII games have you played? Do you like them. Have you played any of MPP Games events?
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I am a history buff and I agree there are a lot of interesting setpiece battles to simulate.

That said, I do not participate in war recreations or reenactments where the real and original veterens of the battle are still alive.

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Definitely an incredible amount of battles and scenario's to pick from.

I've never done any paintball-based WW2 scenarios but being a rabid history buff, I've done many actual battle reenactments over the years. I think as long as they're done with respect and not turned into a joke, it's fine.
In the case of WW2 vets for instance, I've found that the viewpoint of the veteran is proportional to how much effort, thought and respect you as a reenactor put into it. Should be approached that way whether the veterans are still around or long gone...
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I play scenarios for the role playing, not the historical content.

I like being Japanese in WWII scenarios, it justifies doing insane 'heroic' things which result in my elimination. At EMRs Wake Island scenario I went on the field several times with my Japanese battleflag and no gun to lead the charge. I also broke cover and did mad banzai charges at overwhelming forces (once it was the whole american insertion ) when it would have been more prudent not to...but I was role playing and said "What would the Japanese do?".

I've enjoyed playing WWII and Cold War Russians, the bad accent is fun to do all day.

However in the end the 'fantasy' scenarios are often more fun for me. I was an Orc Pump Player at The King Returns, I've been the general for Chocolate Bunnies (a lot of fun role playing that...mmmm chocolate) I was a member of GI Joe at a GI Joe vs Cobra scenario (yelling Yo Joe! all day was fun)

The all out best however was Night of the Chupathingy at EMR where I played a Chupathingy who was driven by his need for food. I shot many of my own team members at one point since they stood between me and 'food'. (props we were after)

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Ive been to numerous MPP games, and they never fail to impress me. Ben always puts on top notch shows.

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