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Originally Posted by DarkShadowHunter View Post
Most games I see are basically elimination. The flag hang just becomes a formality when one or two are present.
Lots of tournaments use a 1-flag system, which makes the flag a far more important element of the game. Sometimes called "Football style".

Basically, a single flag is placed in the center. Points for the first grab. Obviously points for a hang, but some teams would rush kamikazi style to grab the flag, then hang back and play ultra-defence until the clock runs out.

That style has more variety then the generic 2-flag system, (which is basically a formality like you said). In the 1-flag system, the someone might get the flag at the beginning, and he is suddenly a more valuable player. Teams can play different strategies, etc.

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Even with a single flag tournament it seems the flag is more of a formality. Of course I have not watched a professional level tournament.
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We use 2 flags in our woodsball games, one flag scores points for first grab and again for hanging in opponents base.

The second flag is where an objective has to be completed, most often by tagging it (with your hand) and then staying alive where the flag is for 5 minutes.

We play 5 man teams and 10 minute games, so getting points scored at both flags is tight.

More detail in my sig/website if you are interested.

Oh, and we get our 'official' flags from Kendakye, but also use bandanas, t-shirts or whatever works.
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We use flags all the time in our rec games, tourneys etc. Most of the flags they use are state and country flags. Like its said above theyre kinda hard to get around. We DO NOT use the US flag because those colors WILL NEVER hit the ground. We have good luck with flag games, sometimes it comes down to hanging after final elimination but mostly it gets hung with players left on both teams. Yes flag games seem almost moot in the speedball world although ive seen a few games with it used. woodsball, scenario etc is where its at with the flag games still lol.


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Skyball used flags extensively:

Skyball 6, from the floor - YouTube

Nero, one of Tyger's friends, was often the first to grab it in their games.
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We use flags alot in our games. We use BIG flags (made by one of our members) to mark where each team's base, commander or objective is at. You can quickly tell the old school players; they capture the opposing team's flag even if it is NOT the objective! That happened in one of our scenario games last year. Two older players took off and show up twenty minutes later after capturing the opfor's flag! Sorry, guys, it's not worth any points, that was not an objective for this game...
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