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Rolling Machine to make pb rounder

Hey guys,

Years ago APG featured an interesting product that I can best described as a motorized PB tumbler that rolled your pb to make it rounder and smoother.
Can anyone point me to an ad? or picture?
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Here is one I made out of a Dora the Explorer jeep engine and a tub of Christmas pop corn..
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I own one of the machines you speak of but unfortunately it resides in the "Paintball Trailer" an hour away. I'll get a hold of Claydirt and see if he can snag some pictures.

Thumpers ghetto rig works great and is cheap if you have the parts laying around. All you need is something that will contain your paint without the balls going all over the place and rotate them slowly. We've [SC Roadkill] have recovered some fairly old crappy paint in the past at events by utilizing a paint tumbler.

The Mac Daddy Paint tumbler is to take an old clothes dryer and remove the plastic paddles and disconnect your heat elements. We have one of those too so you can tumble a whole case at a time. Buy some cheap mini-pads or steal the GF or wife's and stick a few of them inside and you can even recover paint that has had a ball broken in the bag. The mini pads will soak up the paint off the other balls in about 15 minutes. We have one of these too in Claydirts "Man Cave" and sometimes in the Paint Trailer for big games.

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Originally Posted by Grendel View Post
..Thumpers ghetto rig ..
who you calling ghetto maxpad boy??!? lmao
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