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Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
mcmaster carr

we have regulators we use on some of the oilers at work that are 0-50psi, 0-125psi, 0-250psi

they are a little more bulky.... but they give the range you are looking for
I used a beer CO2 regulator on my nerf rocket launcher. It was relatively cheap, made for co2 and had a built in relief. However, it was brass and bulky and heavy. For low rate of fire, I would go back to the LPR strategy, like dukie says. something for an old cocker that takes the high pressure and goes low with CO2 or HPA.
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BTW Ion regs will do 50 PSI as well.
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PPS makes regs that are very good at >100-50 psi, some even for non-paintball related applications. A lot of other inline regs for paintball guns, even LPR's, do well at this pressure range too (not all, but many). My favorites are probably AKA products (2L w/ lp spring ans SST specifically although the sidewinder and the scm lpr will also probably work as well). Short of having pps whip you up something to your specific specs, I like the remove volumizer idea. Hook up an inline reg like an SST to a low pressure (say 150psi) to the tank adapter a coiled remote and then use a good lpr at the other end with a good lp 1/8npt gauge to get for your <100psi gig
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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
I would just call PPS and tell them what you need. If you are going to spend the cash might as well get a good product.

Yup. If Palmers is good enough for NASA...
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lol so true! the only relative advantage that is significant as far as I can tell is setting up your own super lp system (lp inline reg+remote+lpr) is that you can do it for less than half the cost of a new pps system
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