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Double Barrel Shotgun

Hello All,

I have 2 Brass Eagle TigerSharks that I got for $20 and I want to build a custom double barrel shotgun. I don't even know where to start.

I want one trigger frame, and one pump stroke to cock both internals. I have access to a lathe and mill, and I am willing to put in the effort to get this thing done.

Any experts out there with a magic link or instructions on milling your own body?

Edit: Anything else that would be a better use of them? I have a CCM T2 so I don't need a pump gun. I want something fun and unique.

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First of all with the amount of time and effort you will be putting into the project, you might consider starting with a higher quality platform. Milling a whole body to work with the tigershark internals would be a bad idea because there are a lot of guns that have an almost identical design as the tigersharks, but are much higher quality and not really that much more money to buy.

But do accomplish your goals,

Look at the guns and try to get an understanding of how they work.

You are looking at designing some kind of linkage that makes both of the sears activate with 1 trigger pull.

Then some way of connecting the two pump assemblies to cock both guns at once. This means it will be twice as hard to cock the gun as it normally is, since you are pumping two at once. The same goes for the trigger most likely.

For most guns, the easiest thing to do is remove the bodies from the trigger frame, and attach both bodies to a new aluminum tray you machine out of a block of aluminum. Then you would put together a linkage to fire both guns at once.

Its pretty easy if you are familiar with the mill and lathe you have access to, it just depends how nice and how playable and how worthwhile you want it to be.

There is no easy "how to" instructions. Look up the diagrams for other double barrel guns and get an idea of how they work..that is the best place to start. Prior art is gold.

Also...there are a lot of people who are really unfriendly on internet forums (including this one) that will try to make you feel inferior by telling you in a demeaning way that we don't call double barrel paintball guns "shotguns", so be careful. Shotguns usually shoot shot, and for paintball would probably be something that shoots a handful of airsoft sized paintballs which wouldn't be very functional on the paintball field because those things never break and would a really short effective range. You can definitely make it look like a side by side shotgun though.

Ditto Deuce (new), Gotcha Deuce (old) and the Wintec Double (old Rare Wintec Double Barrel For Sale) are three double barrel nelson style paintball guns from the past that work the way you want your two tigersharks to work. Double barrel sheridans and palmer guns work different because of the different valve platform. They are able to use a single valve to shoot two barrels at the same time. This could be done with a nelson valve but it would be a hideous design. So stick to nelsons..not palmer guns or double barrel autocockers to get inspiration.
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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
You can definitely make it look like a side by side shotgun though.
This is exactly what I meant. Thanks for the helpful starter advice.

I realize that the TigerSharks are cheap, and that's exactly why I want to start with them. If I am successful, I will consider going up to a better platform.
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