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Palmer's Stabilizer + HPA?

I've got an Empire Trracer that I'm wanting to achieve maximum consistency with. I'd like to get the smallest deviation on FPS possible with it. I know running HPA as opposed to CO2 is going to go a long ways. I'm planning on running it with a remote line with HPA. Would using a Palmer's stabilizer on the gun be of any benefit?

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Stabilizers are great, solid regulators, they are also the best regulators for CO2.
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I like stabs they are nice regs. For co2 they are the best. However I have found I get more consistent readings off of a sidewinder with hpa.
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stabs are nice dual use regs. Bit bigger and heavier than some newer styles. I have one on my 2k cocker that gets +-(3-5fps) when underboring. Good enough for me.
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A stab would work but a volumizer might be the way to go. Any blowback gun or a gun that uses a hammer can be quite pressure sensitive. Will a stab or sidewinder work yeah but you would be spending almost what you bought the gun for a reg. To me it doesnt make much sense. But if your looking for consitency a volumizer might do the trick because its not like your going to be shooting faster then 5 or so bps so as for consistency from the tank reg you should be fine and shouldnt see much drop off in consitensy. Ive always belived that anything +/- 5 is very fine.
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Underbored barrel will do more for consistency with a Trracer than any regulator.
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The Stabilizer is a great reg. I've been using mine for 12 years now without a hiccup!

I have run HPA most of the life of the reg, co2 only rarely.

The rule of thumb for multiple regs is to set them 200-300psi apart. It's about the "recharge" time of each reg. It comes down to restricted airflow - if you set Reg A at 350psi and Reg B at 300psi, Reg B doesn't have enough 'backpressure' to fully recharge [i.e. give desired output pressure] when under heavy fire.

The output of most HPA systems is right around 850psi (the typical desired CO2 tank output so CO2 markers can use them).

Set your regs accordingly.

My Stabilizer is set to 310psi

I get +/- 5 fps
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Do the new trracers like pressures that low? Id say if you really want to run an inline reg. Get a ninja SHP(or other tank reg capable of really high pressure) and keep the inline reg near 800psi.
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the Tracer is a nelson-based marker, so it performs best above 500 PSI and works equally well with co2 and HPA... if anything, you will find it's all around better with co2, because it will sound nicer (HPA through a nelson tends to have a much louder crack to it due to the valve design and higher operating pressure). consistency shouldn't be a problem with either as long as the springs are good and the usual factors are covered. If you would like to run either type of gas, the stabilizer is a decent choice of regulator... but I hugely prefer Sidewinders for HPA use, they can also deal with co2 quite well and I've run em that way many times with good performance.
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