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profiler or proflex
Current Sales

I live in Canada but have a USA address as well
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Originally Posted by Dr. PhunkyPants View Post
I think Vforce Profilers are your answer. I LOVE mine...installed a dual Fanz system in there, to boot. A guy I play with had a hematoma on his forehead today...this would not have happened with a Profiler.

The only thing is they don't automatically come with the thermal lenses. Get yours at Compulsive Paintball...mask and thermal aftermarket lens. You won't be sorry!
Unless they stopped making them they do come with a thermo-cured lens which, and in the 4 years I've owned mine, has worked quite well. Not sure if there is a huge controversy over here about thermo-cured but there really isn't a reason to buy a Profiler and rush straight out for a new lens.
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Originally Posted by baader View Post
Proto axis Pro´s. Best lense change ever, and pretty good coverage.
Light and cheap too.
this. the axis pro's are probably the most underrated mask on the market. the lens change is not only super-quick, but it can be done without ever touching the viewing area of the lens. the mask itself is great for those with rounder heads, and the lowers can be adjusted to provide more/less coverage of the jawline.

i ran with the events (edit: i meant e-flex's) for a little while, and found myself right back with the axis pro's.
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sly profits are my vote, great coverage and protection. easy lense change and look great in my opinion. axis pro is my second vote
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proflex or profilers. end of story. if you have a big head, like me grillz will not suffice to cover. i still like my grillz tho

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I was forced to use events when playing in the ncpa a couple of years ago and the day I graduated, I picked up a set of proflexs. It was a good day. I have been using them for 3 years now and I had no issues. That being said, I just picked up some i3 pros for a change. Haven't worn them in a game yet but they sure look good.
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Originally Posted by [MOOSE] View Post
Proflex. I do like my profilers but my proflexs I can barely tell I'm wearing them. I do wish there were better aftermarket soft ears though.
Google Proflex Dye I3 soft ear mod.

I love my Proflex.

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I have V-Force grills, and they're really comfortable, and they feel like a quality mask, but they also feel like V-Force tried way too hard to make them look cool lol.

I'm looking for something a little less sharp and BADASSSSSS, and more round and fluid and plain *cough* sly profits if anyone wants to trade *cough*. But the lense is great, the elastic is great, the soft rubber feels nice, they're easy to maintain. Good mask all around.
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