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trraccer vs diablo pump

trraccer vs diablo pump?

Is there very much difference between the tracer and diablo olds school pumps? Mechanically they seem to work just as well as one another. Cosmetically the tracers appears to be a little neater in construction.
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Utility wise there isn’t any difference; they both shoot paintballs. Their pricing proves this point. It seems they go for about the same price.

Trracers have plastic frame assemblies but are more prolific, newer and easier to get parts and aftermarket parts for (barrels mostly). The valve system is completely different than the one used by Diablo pumps.

Diablo’s come in two different types. Diablo Deluxe’s that have a pump rod like the Hornet and Phantom and regular Diablo’s that have a plastic handle with two external flat pump rods on the sides.

Diablo’s have a metal frame assembly and the triggers are adjustable for let off and travel. They have a more “normal” valve system although YMMV on parts interchangeability with other like guns.

One place where the Diablo is better than the Maverick would be if you were going to mount an ASA on the trigger guard or wanted to polish the frame for a shiny aluminum look I would choose the Diablo.

Both markers are good solid shooters worth $40-$60 that should provide dependable use for years if you take good care of them.
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Aren't diablos pretty much apex clones? They've the same trigger frame and similar pump handles.
Anyways, I would choose the Diablo deluxe versions, since they came (well the 2 I had) with anti-kink bolts which made the action much smoother, and adjustable as well for velocity. Trracers/mavericks both have the same anti-double pump sears, but the deluxe versions of both comes with adjustable bolts, tagmaster/hornet deluxes also had under-cocking pumps as well. You're more likely to have aftermarket barrels for the trracer/maverick, whereas diablos, I don't believe there's much choice out there.
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I am a big fan of the Maverick/Trracer guns, simply because of the upgradablilty. Autococker springs drop in, J&J has an excellent ceramic barrel, and Phantom valves can be dropped in with a quick cut and smoothing of the powertube. The grip frames are pretty durable in my opinion, and if you're worried about breaking one after putting a stock on, just install a phantom 45 block. Quick and simple upgrades that can make an excellent shooter out of a pretty inexpensive base marker.
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