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Looper 11-28-2012 10:39 PM

Price Check - Air America Genesis Booster
Whats a fair price for something like this...

Will boost to 4500 PSI with no issues.

I have rebuilt and reworked it so it it can use 2600 bulk bottles or SCUBA tanks (Note the SCUBA Fill addapter). I have also modified it so one tank can be the air source for both the high side and low side of the booster (Note the PPS reg to go from 3000 down to 150).

I do have an O-Ring part kit that I would include.

the fill whip is currently off and on my shoe box compressor, I would not plan to sell it with the fill whip. (black hose on the right side of the photo)

Air America Genesis Booster PDF

Shane-O 11-29-2012 01:33 PM

New I am pretty sure it was about $900 for a single piston booster. Used, is up in the air, as HP compressors have become cheaper and no one uses the booster much these days. I wish they would though, as it fills at a safer rate, and can actually extend the life of your compressor.

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