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Booo. SP!
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Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
Comparing a SP product to a CCM is like comparing dog crap to Lemon Meriegn Pie.
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Originally Posted by forstgump View Post
Booo. SP!
You know, originally that's what I thought as well. But then the paintball devil was all like "Dude! Adrenalin milling," and I was like "yeah, that's some gnarly stuff." Then we laughed, melted down a Viking, and ate a kitten.

Check out this super informative interview with one of the makers!;id=24
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technically nothing on the adrenalin was even SP. they made everything themselves with the exception of the board I believe. even the little on off button was them.

well i guess reading that article that isnt true...looks like SP made the bodies for them. they still designed them. maybe the valve was SP too. could be some of the other parts were made by SP i suppose.

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lol, I hear ya ripdisc, but I think your first statement was kinda backwards. don't get me wrong, especially after the aka and icd debacles I stopped working as a SP tech. I used to love impulses, and truth be told still do (along with the o.g. maxflows and shoebox), but man oh man was I happy when they weren't so successful in their case with WDP. Not exactly the ideal outcome, but at least it got SP to put the brakes on their b.s. a bit... but I digress...

My favorite thing about the Adrenaline impulse, other than the at the time one-of-a-kind milling (in terms of commercially produced guns), was how they modified the air passages ways connecting the main valve reservoir with the solenoid valve reservoir. I'm not going to say the changes made equated to having an LPR installed on an impulse (that is simply not true), it only works in the sense that with the Adrenaline imp design the main valve wouldn't steal/drain the pressure from the solenoid valve resevoure.

So it's only like having an integrated LPR in the sense it's like having a Tapeworm installed or using a old style impulse Vert ASA that had the normal output to the main valve and another dedicated output to the solenoid valve (what ND called something like a high flow vert adapter).

Having an LPR on an Adrenaline would provide with some added benefits (assuming you don't consider the extra seals and whatnot to be a problem), but of course not as much as it would on any other impulse. In the first case, you'd be able to fine tune ram/bolt pressure. You'd now be able to, by moving the blowout disc to the rear of the gun, run pressure of 200-300psi (anything over 250-270 wasn't worthwhile ime) into the valve while keeping the valve's pressure at normal operating pressures, providing some increase in efficiency. On top of that, you could also install a zero-force valve (assuming you could find someone to make one for your or you made one yourself) and, while keeping the input to the main valve normal, reduce the ram/bolt operating pressure to 15-30psi (normally around 20-30) to reduce chops/breaks.

This is all kinda off topic though. Without an LPR the adrenaline impulse, thanks to its more expensive design/engineering/development than other mass produced impulses, was still one of if not the best, regardless of lpr. Well, actually it wasn't really the best, because imps with a HFV asa or similar setup provided the same advantages of the adrenaline's passageways...

And all one last note, I always found that impulses that did not run on an lpr was more reliable/consistent and generally almost as consistent and efficient as those without an lpr. Even with those mods (zero-force/balances valve and higher valve pressure by relocating the burst disc) were properly installed and setup for an impulse with an lpr, I still would prefer to have an impulse without an lpr and a HFV asa or a tapeworm/gp valve. Part of the problem was probably that, since the solenoid was designed to run at 100-200psi, with an lpr installed a lot of folks would end up running their lpr well under the 100psi mark. This would screw with the lpr, often leading to it's premature failure (either valve or whole assembly in a few cases).

To properly run an imp's solenoid with an lpr running at less than 100psi, you needed to get an LP spring to switch out the solenoid's stock hp spring. In other words, I'm not saying that imp's running an lpr setup are inherently bad or inferior, but that they often end up being more problematic than simpler setups. I did love my rat jr setup with a python lpr kit and AKA lpr, but I played a lot more with my early model tonton imp with a HFV asa - it was just more reliable, consistent, and for some reason also a faster shooter!

[I have nothing to do for the next hour so hence I'm writing unnecessarily long posts again... ]

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i never really saw a huge difference with an lpr either. but adrenalin really took the impulse to another level. ndz did too. really would be splitting hairs to say its better than an imp with the HF asa but the adrenalin still had larger/more holes so it would seem if everything else is the same then the adren on paper would be better.

never thought about the solenoid spring in an imp...did you ever do that? that really is the biggest problem with the impulse. not very efficient. i doubt swapping for a LP spring would change a ton?
for faster shooting I generally ignored that optimal grain weight that people followed forever for the internals and ran light internals. i felt it got faster and the tiny drop in efficiency was nothing for me to worry about.
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Yup, had to do that one more than 100 other imps, as well as the one I had that I setup with an lpr. Of course if you run with the main valve @ 200psi and the lpr's output at 100-150psi this wasn't as much an issue, but it wasn't always possible taking fps restrictions into account.

When you have the input pressure and the dwell (as well as lpr output if you've got one) balanced, efficiency is actually pretty good. Once you balance your internals (1000-1300 grains, shooting for about 1.1k) and balance the input pressure and dwell, I have been able to achieve efficiency that left nothing wanting (e.g. 1.5-6k shots per 68/45).

I have seen, and worked on, impulses that seemed to like under 1k grain internal weight. Especially with the WAS board. But for efficiency you want a higher valve input, lower solenoid input and lower dwell. The only guns that the 1.1grain rule did not seem to apply proper to guns with RIP valves and WAS boards both installed (or of course when you're running with a balanced valve), but otherwise proper balancing is often necessary to get the low dwell time.

I doubt just changing the solenoid spring, assuming you're using an lpr (that is the only case in which you should change the spring), would add much in terms of efficiency. It might help with consistency, but the real benefit lays in you're solenoid's longer life. Without the spring, when running you're lpr at less than 100psi, you'll eventually run into maintenance/reliability problems. Worst case scenario you'll have to replace your solenoid after 8-10k shots.

In terms of the Adrenaline imp design, yes, on paper it def would seem to outperform all other impulses. But there are lots of other models that perform just as well as well as cheap upgrades and easy mods that allow stock guns to do so. Impulses with something like a HFV asa (or anything that separated the solenoid and main valve's inputs) perform almost exactly as well as similarly equipped Adrenaline imps. Tapeworm imps perform, when otherwise setup similarly, a bit under what those do, but they're in the same ball park.

I'd rather have a HSW imp (but who the hell wouldn't! on the rarest out there), Python imp or Werm imp - all with mods/upgrades that, just like the Adrenaline - have the solenoid's input independent of the main valve's. Adrenaline's are great imps, but imo it's #1 their milling that takes the cake. Their engineering is novel, and in a way unique, but there are lots of other private label and upgraded imps that will function just as well (if not more so in a few cases).

If you're into getting better effiency, I suggest you go for a mid-to-heavy weight hammer, delrin or ti bolt pin, whatever delrin bolt you want (ND personal choice), RIP valve, silk shot ram and lpr. Move the burst disc to the rear of the impulse. Setup the reg so it pumps out around 200-250psi (closer to 200 will probably work better). Fine tune dwell, input pressure and lpr's output so that you have the lowest usable dwell, lowest functional lpr output and highest possible main input (regarding this, after a certain point a higher input, like cockers, gives you lower velocity; I normally found this point around 250psi or a little less, but it can be lower or high, for some reason, depending on your internals and especially if you're using a RIP valve).

First try this - run with the main valve @ 200psi and the lpr's output at 100-150psi, with your dwell as low as possible to reach 300fps (use the lpr to adjust fps), if you're running light internals and especially if you have a rip valve. Sometimes this works great in those cases so it's a good starting point.

That garbage all said, every imp is different. Experiment and see what works for you and your baby(s). Enjoy! P.s. if you have an lpr and will be running your solenoid at under 100psi, ASP probably still sells LP impulse solenoid springs for a couple bucks.

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I see the adrenalines all over the place online but have only ever seen two person- and only one out shooting.
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Yes, the market seems like it's been saturated with Adrenaline imps for a little while now. Around 2005-2006, I think shortly before the folks who bought Adrenaline went under, they were flooding it with older Adrenaline LCD angels. That, I must say, I had a lot of fun with. They made beautiful angels, imho a lot prettier than their imp - although the milling on the imp was way more complicated and novel.
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MINT ADRENALIN IMPULSE FOR SALE if anyone else is interested

Adrenalin Impulse Mint w Full Freak System Pics and Video | eBay
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Edit: Nevermind, I thought above link was from original poster.


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