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68 special/SMG sear pin

Ok, so I'd like to pull off what HPLovecraft was saying earlier about placing a pin on the semi-auto sear to make it full auto.

I'm trying to take the retaining pin for the sear out, but all I seem to be doing is smashing it into oblivion with an allen of comparable size and a hammer.

I've never really played with taking the sears out of these guns, but need to in order to make the SMG full auto again.
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try an actual pin punch and not an allen key.

go over to Tippmann, check the diagrams for the breakdown of the SMG/Special so that you aren't missing something in removing the sear.
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A true rolled pin punch will be your friend. I highly suggest picking up a set.
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Also, make sure you take it out the correct size. If I remember correctly, one side of the pin is slightly larger so it only come out one way.
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You need a 1/8" pin punch. Generally you look at which side the pins were driven in on, the pin will be flush with the surface. Drive it from the opposite side. It will be a 1/8x3/4" steel roll pin. Note first that the SMG-68s were stock Semi-auto only. To convert to dual mode semi-auto/full-auto you ONLY change the trigger with a SMG-60 gen2 trigger. It looks identical except for a tab extension on the edge. The sears are the same for full and semi auto. Installing a pin in the sear as described will disable the Semi-auto mode and make it full auto only.
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Bought the punch kit about 8 months ago now. Got it out right good.

Thanks for the advice, I'm sure WALZ could use it.
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