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Springs or Reg??

With a Nelson valve system which one would be more consistent in terms of velocity. Given the same air system would spring changes or a reg be more concictent in velocity?

I realize normally a reg is not needed with a Nelson system but I want to try building a VERY nice airsoft gun using a Nelson valve system. The power it takes to move a PB should be over-kill on an airosft BB.

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Do both. Spring for consistency. (hard main soft valve.) than add a reg. You could even go so far as turning your velocity on the gun all the way up and adjust back down in the reg.
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The answer is probably in here,

Nelson Valve Evolution (Project Leprechaun)

Are you using air or CO2?

With a good HPA tank, I wouldn't mind going without a reg. I like regs for CO2 as it behaves much better at lower pressures and keeps velocity up on higher rates of fire and in different weather. Theoretically, your valve sweetspot is shifting whenever you adjust your mainspring. However, I really hate to put a regulator on a Nelson since they are so simple and small. A nelson pump on a bulk CO2 tank doesn't get a lot from a reg, and adding a reg to a nelson 12 g setup is a total re-make usually.
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