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apex2 first time user

so i just got my apex 2 tip, hooked up on my lapco bigshot. and the paintballs shoot down, dramatically. i haven't even moved the slider forward, its still in position 1. anyone have any tips? have i made a common installation error? thanks for your time.
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did you install it upside down?
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Even if the slider is all the way back, make sure the ramp is pushed all the way up on the inside. If it's not and you can't push it back up it's not together right.

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you should be able to click it in 2 or three times and get a nice flat shot. Follow MaD's instructions until it starts to work okay
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It may have been assembled with the ramp backwards, although QA should have caught something of that nature...if all of the above doesn't work, try taking it apart and reassembling...
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