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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
There is no argument, and I'm not pushing for any one particular gun here, just stating what I've learned in at least 4 years of doing mostly pistol play. I've tried more pistols than most people have owned electros so I'm just imparting my advice. Cocker pneumatics are all well and good when they work. But inevitably something slips out of time and then you're boned. Besides that it results in a long, mushy trigger pull (part of the reason I'm not a huge fan of the TPX either, and that's a spool). I like having a nice clean-breaking trigger so that I can dump the whole tube when I need to without worrying about shortstroking and chopping or loading multiple rounds.

There's just more pieces to fail on a cocker-type marker, that's not opinion or grandstanding, it's just the truth. It doesn't mean that Squalls aren't pretty, or cool, just that they are more complex than a pistol needs to be. There is nothing more maddening than working your balls off to sneak up behind the other team only to pull the trigger and get a dryfire or paint spray out the barrel that gives you away and gets you lit up. So my recommendation to you sir, from experience, is go with something simple.
This is why I love pump pistol play. But I'm curious, what are you using as your primary/ideal pistol these days, semi-auto or otherwise?

And what would be your ideal/primary pistol be Manning?
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I don't want to hijack this thread, but since its along the lines of considering a squall I'll continue:

Funny you should mention pump pistol as I have a Retro 7 with a magnum slide coming soon. That will be my go to gun. For semi I use the SA-17. Like PistolRouge, I've tried almost every pistol out there. I haven't shot our held a sydarm, but my ebuddy AgentSmith has already documented their flaws enough to where I feel I can skip that one. I prefer springfed guns over mag fed for several reasons, but mostly due to the cost and portability of tubes vs mags.

For semi, my ideal rig would be (I like the unique, conversation piece guns) a springfed, k-framed, regulated pistol with a 12g in the gun and a removable barrel system with inserts. Preferably side tubed with a twist and pour feed with some sort of iron sights. I'd also award extra points for shiny metal!
Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
Mcb.... if it isn't modded, whored, lusted over or covered in mayo.... then that gun does not exist.
Feedback thread:
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well, we're pretty much on the same page there. from others as well as yourself, I keep hearing great things about the SA-17, not perfection I know, but for a bb pistol that is. I'll have to check one out, especially given fair pricetag.

I almost got a Sydarm, but went custom mag pistol route instead (custom stainless spring feed 10rnd body) made, 12g in horizontal asa parallel under/to barrel. I want to try adding a stab to her someday. This avoids most of the problems associated with Sydarms (especially their custom gasket between 12g chamber and valve freezing up and needing replacement - which is something AGD has a special machine to do and it can't be done at home). Just bought a response frame so I'm excited to try that out, although I'll probably end up freezing the valve without a stab...

Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack the thread, just really curious about what your and pistolrogue preferred after hearing your thoughts on the squall. Still interested in his opinion too. One day I'd like to own a pug, but for now I'm so stocked on this palmerized bolt action sheridan pistol/pg.

Now if only I could find, and afford, a k-frame. Will be working out a T2 86 Frame setup (just need custom RVA), as it's the easiest thing for my needs. Maybe even a thin 45 T2 frame as well down the road, but I'm starting with the 86. Now I wish I could get my hands on a modified Siler frame, but alas it looks like I'd have to get a one-off made. Too expensive atm. But I digress...

To the OP: I've had a typhoon modified to take spring feed and 12g in changers on vert asa or bb asa. TBH I've had zero problems over the three years I played with her. But frankly she's been on the shelf for two years. Too heavy compared to other pistols, even a squall (well not that much heavier than a squall). I totally understand that, with so many more mechanical parts, there is a lot to go wrong. And without a reg she's even louder than the pgp's I've played with, although I couldn't tell you why (unported 12" barrel maybe?). Anyways, I have way more fun with pump pistols than that gun. The couple pounds in weight difference and the smaller package of the pgp/pg makes a huge difference, not to mention much higher 12g shot count (40 as opposed to 20-25). It seems like you're also a fan of pump pistols. Anyways, I wish you luck. Def go for a used squall if you end up doing so. I think the biggest factor, and this is why I got my typhoon pistol setup, in terms of wanting to own/play with one is the uniqueness factor.

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