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A5 Tank Information - Varying Tank Sizes

I am planning on running the tank on my A5, and have decided that I will be using one of these tanks:



The information I am looking for is the approximate dimensions of the tank (length and diameter) as well as the number of shots per tank fill I could possibly expect.

Also, before someone says "just get a bigger tank and put it on a remote", I have tried remotes. I hate them. The simply get in the way. I much prefer my marker to be completely detached from my body (not including a sling if I am using one) so that if I need to leave it somewhere to do something I can.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help. After playing nothing but pistol for over a year it will be interesting to get back into full size markers.

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the 8/3k is about the same size as the 3.5/4oz

i have no idea on a shot count for a A5 though...
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..... 60 shots? I think?

I have one, and can air it up and test out sometime for you.
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Other than the 9 ounce, you aren't going to get a full hopper. Now if you are running a tac cap, limit around 50 rounds, then you probably going to get a full hopper from the tanks, but that is your limit there.

I will get you dimensions of the 3.5 ounce, maybe the 9 ounce (I have to check to see if I have one of those or a 7 ounce), and the 22/3000 tank in a bit.
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Tippmanns run at the rule of thumb. 10 shots per cubic inch at 3000psi and 15 shots per cubic inch at 4500psi.

the co2, 9oz should give you about 300-400 shots, but less on the smaller tanks.
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