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Best hard cases/shipping cases

Everyone, the last time I was a serious player, the Automag RT was still a year-ish away.

I'm looking at flying from the west coast to the east coast to play with some online buddies of mine...and after thinking about a split second, I've decided that, rather than let the TSA fondle my gear (mmm...double entendre!) I'm going to ship it.

That all being said, I haven't the foggiest clue what would be good for shipping stuff. I'm looking at shipping:

-Automag RT classic
-Cocker Trilogy
-a few assorted barrels and associated HPA/CO2 tanks

Can I get some suggestions as to shipping stuff? All of my experience has been local (throw it in the car and drive), so I haven't got the foggiest idea as to what would really be good as far as protective shipping gear is concerned. Sure, I could just bubble wrap everything, throw it in a box and mail it, but I suspect actually owning some sort of protective case would be good in the long run why not buy it now?

Thoughts? Help?
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Walmart carries some decent pistol cases that are hard plastic with the egg crate foam in them. Most should fit the medium size flat rate box.
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It's hard to find pistol cases that fit paintball guns properly. At least that's been my experience. The only pistol cases that I've found that fit are for stuff like PGP's and Tiberius pistols.

If you're looking to buy cases for carrying stuff later, I've always found Assault Rifle cases to be good for the types of guns you're talking about. A good case will fit 2 guns and sometimes 3 which I almost always carry with me to a field (at least).

I've had good luck with tool cases, the aluminum kind you get at Harbor Freight. It still means you have to get foam for them.

Going the way of cases inside a cardboard box to ship mean more wight and a lot bigger box. I'd just go with the basic bubble wrap / foam/ cardboard box shipping method and save the cases from home. Just my $.02 (c:
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If I was real concerned I'd do a 'box within a box' for packaging. Bubble wrap the gun, enclose it within a cardboard 'shell' that you can make yourself from a empty box, then bubble wrap over the shell and pack in a suitable box. This type of packing can withstand repeated drops or an atom bomb. Would be cheaper than buying cases too.

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Google the Plano 4 pistol or large accessory case. Easily fits my mini, tools, 3 parts kit, batteries, Allen key set, lube, an extra 2 piece barrel.

I will post link later since I'm on mobile. But 2 of those and you are set for everything but the tanks like serious just the tanks the regs you can probably fit into the one of two cases EASY


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try craigslist for a pelican case. I have a few i have picked up for cheap and if you get one the right size you can fit everything you listed no problem.
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Originally Posted by Dusty Bottoms View Post
Glad to meet another RT user! You got any pics of the old gal?
Not an RT user *quite* yet...I bought one (from here, actually!) that should be to me soon. I'll post pics of it once I've got it!
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