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Originally Posted by BigOldSkool View Post
Sniper.. the death for high end elctro's value is parts.

Once the supply for the little finicky bits goes bye bye.... they drop like a lead balloon. Those parts? Boards, solenoids, and other non-mechanical parts.

Look at angels... $1500 guns back in 2000, well today you can't get the batteries to run them what do they sell at $100.
In some cases, I think that new technology finally eclipses older tech. Boards are not an issue for most electros. Most noids were standard parts, a little harder than boards. AKA's still have support and replacement parts.

IMHO, angels were no longer the "cool" marker...they stayed with the "3-tube" design too long. Vikings/Excals were first eclipsed by the 07 Borg then by more recent egos. The main thing killing electro's values is that the newest model has minimal upgrades/features and this is the trend for at least 5+ years.

I left the electro scene over 3 years ago...I still love the looks of PL Vikings and PL Trixies.

I do agree on Waltz stuff, super nice!
Originally posted by heinous: "sniper's gun always gets extra camera love"
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DSG and SR1 are also limited production.

So I can assume that no mass produced marker will hold value until it turns into vintage material.

How old does a marker have to be to become "vintage"?
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Old school pumps don't really lose their value
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Originally Posted by redlaser666 View Post
How old does a marker have to be to become "vintage"?
Well, at any point a marker can be considered a certain vintage. If you are referring to antique, I think it would take a huge evolution in marker technology before contemporary guns are ever considered antiques. I don't know where paintball guns are going to head next as they are already so highly refined, other than mag fed, so the criteria for a gun becoming antique will likely be more stringent than markers from the 1980s.

If the push into mag feed continues I can bet that in 25 years people will be selling "Antique Hopper Fed Paintball Guns" on eBay and laughing at how we used to play with blimps on top of our guns.
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I don't think it is fair to say that all old school pumps hold their value. I think there are quite a few nothing special pumps at the $40 price point.
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Grey Ghosts (original) and Grey Spirits

I've seen new ones going for less, but frankly I wouldn't be surprised if the new Ghosts also retain their value well over the years, especially if they stop production sooner than later.
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Micromags are usually pretty consistent. They fluctuate up and down a bit, but probably still average out.
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