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Originally Posted by LudavicoSoldier View Post
Anyone have any experience with the NCStar DDAB Mini Reflex sight? NCStar DDAB Tactical Red Dot Mini Reflex Sight - Black: Sports & Outdoors

I am interested in getting one for my Twister Sniper, however, it seems they only come in Weaver rail variants? Anyone know of a similar sight for dovetail rails?

I suppose I could get an adapter: Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Dovetail 3/8" 11mm To Weaver - Picatinny 7/8" Rail Adapter Mount - Includes One Rail: Sports & Outdoors

I just bought that for my pistol phantom. Man that thing is tiny! It would actually work really well on the original posters PGP setup. Much lighter and smaller. Sadly no dovetail rail sights of this size. I looked for months everywhere. The compact size is nice but I don't know how long you will get from batteries.
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I'll just pick up one of the small dovetail to weaver adapters.
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Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I admit that most other setups I've tried have not been worth the bulk of the sight, and that's why mine bounced from marker to marker for a while. It was actually useful on a thundercat with a 9oz bottle, but it was not comfortable to use. A thundercat with a small vert bottle...I would probably buy another sight for that setup. They are small and wiggly.
I'm curious -- why was it not comfortable to use?

I think it's useful when you have a reaction to something (or "preference" as people around here call it), *why* you have that reaction. I'm curious if you remember where the actual discomfort was.

Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
By the way, you need more fun.
I have my fun right here. I keep it safely tucked away.

Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
I invite a video of someone claiming to be 'accurate' without sites to demonstrate hitting paper plate sized at various distances- with single shots from a paintball gun without First Strikes. The distances wouldn't even need to be terribly great- for example, at 100ft, 95% of paintballs shot would fill a circle 28" wide.
In-game is where it matters.

I've made no claims as to having better accuracy than paint ballistics will allow. I can claim to having my gun pointed in the right direction, quickly and accurately, without a sight.

Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
A sight is designed to provide a consistant and repeatable point of aim. Trying to sight to the same exact point on the end of a barrel, with no visual cues is like trying to find the same point on an unmarked cue ball. Trying to sight along the body of the gun may help a little if there are points along the body that are parallel to the axis of the bore, and are cut/shaped in such a way to allow for a repeatable point of aim.
I think this is where the symbolism of what's going on is lost. You don't literally have to "sight down something" to know where a gun is pointing if you are familiar with it.

If you securely set a gun down on a table and remotely fire it a bunch of times and watch where the paint lands, do you need to go back and sight down the barrel to predict where the next one goes? No. You can visually confirm that the gun didn't move. That the target didn't move, and the table you set it on didn't move. All relatives in a frame of reference.

I started out sighting down the barrel on my guns because that's the natural thing to do. But eventually you start learning that if the barrel/gun is in this particular position in your FOV, then the paint takes a particular trajectory without literally looking down the barrel.

It becomes symbolic, pattern recognition.

When you read this post, did you read every letter and sound out each one until a word formed? Or with enough practice, do you know what the word is by looking at it without sounding each letter out?
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I have used the original Dye Izon on my Angel for quite a while and it works decently, since paintballs don't act like bullets it's not pinpoint accurate but it will help. I haven't played with the new fin-stablized paintballs yet but I hope so soon.

Here's a picture of my Angel with integrated sight rail that the Izon mounts to.

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Originally Posted by Helmi_17 View Post
Super useful if you can train yourself to use it. I used to use a red dot on my tac-one. I knew exactly how much the drop was at 30 yards...

But here's the thing... No matter how deadly I was with it... I almost never rememberd to actually use the thing. Too many years of instinct shooting have made me a man that will probably never use the sights on a paintball marker in any meaningful way.
I totally agree with this. Once you learn to live without something you just don't need it anymore
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Originally Posted by GoatBoy View Post
I'm curious -- why was it not comfortable to use?
I actually meant to answer this earlier.

"Uncomfortable" as in bending my neck down and fitting my goggles in behind the sight with a rear bottle setup. Especially with low, body cut sight rails like on an alley cat. I had to go looking for the sight.

However, with my pump/pistol setup, the marker goes in front of me naturally, whether I am looking for the sight or not. I may change my pump grip as my stance changes, but I can keep the marker in front of me. After a few shots, the sight is usually on line, and then I can figure out why my first shots didn't pan out. It keeps me from hitting the same twig three times in a row. If I get the time, I'll check the sight in the first place and go around the twigs.

Having the right riser and marker setup to make it convenient goes a long way to making a sight useful.

Another use for a sight (if I haven't put it in here already), is shooting off handed (left/right), especially in a pump shootout. You line up your grip first before you pop out. I can aim and shoot with my left hand, but it is not too hot on the snapshot, especially with my right hand pumping in between.
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Just picked up another Armson sight (that makes three I own) and I love the new design they are manufacturing now. The clamp is more toward the front of the sight, instead of being centered as they once were. This makes it easier to fit in tight spaces.

Here is a picture of my three 'Mags and my Sniper II. All three Armson's are pictured. Note the Armson on the is the new design that I refer to above.

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