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I've owned a Tib 8 and I just found the system with 12g in mag as clunky and it made for a heavy in the hands pistol and heavy to carry mags. The TPX on the other hand is a featherweight with featherweight mags and is SO much nicer to carry if you're playing say a big game while running the TPX off a remote line.

With that said when I feel the urge to play with a very very light setup I run my micro phantom. Which is a nice cross between pump and pistol and you'll get a LOT more efficiency if you've set it up right (ie I get 40+ off a 12g from my freaked,oring tpc,fluted hammer dropout valve micro)

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ok, so one last question: what are the main differences between the TPX and the TiPX; and likewise between the T8 and T8.1?
(Besides the obvious changed mag capacity, and FS capability, respectively)
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Well, there have been changes pretty continuously since the TPX came out. The name was changed at the same time they came out with the tru-feed 7rd mags. I heard a rumor that at least part of the reason had to do with the Louisville Slugger TPX baseball bat....
If all updates have been done to it, the only difference between an older TPX and a TiPX is the engraving on the barrel block.

As for the T8/T8.1, The T8.1 comes first strike round compatible. As they redesigned the mags for this they also made them slightly lighter. In addition the T8.1 has a constant air fitting that comes out the back instead of needing adapters in the mags.

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