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99BPS 01-24-2013 03:58 PM

Project Questions
I know I ask yall lots of questions, but you've helped me a good deal so far, so I keep finding new ones.

So I know have (or rather will very soon) have two full working Evil Pimps. This allows me to mess around a little bit (one of them is my marker from my youth which I didn't wanna mess with rly).

So the new marker on its way has a red body, that I like a good deal more then the black body. I'm thinking about having some milling work done, but can't find great examples of Milled Pimps online, can anyone find anything out there, or an impulse mills that might work well, or general suggestions?

Further do Timmy LPRs just screw into the Pimp or do modifications need to be made? In either case, which Pimp style Intimidator LPR would you recommend, which are the better LPRs made for older style timmys?

Did anyone make a decent trigger for the Pimp? one of mine has a nice Acid Customs Derlin trigger, but the other has stock and I'm not lovin it.

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