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Thumbs up Gun Recommendation

I need a recommendation for a new gun to buy once I'm done all of my training.
I don't leave for Parris Island till May (Possibly earlier: March). Obviously new guns will come out by then, but I feel like thinking about what I might want now.

I do know for fact that I will be buying a gun or two. I'll have the money for pretty much anything I want.

My current ideas/ interests list:

SAR 12
A PPS gun
Newest PE gun

Obviously I have a wide range of interests.
Help me sort through these ideas, and add your own ideas based off my ideas/ interests list!
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Buy a pump. Buy a DSG.
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It shoots paintballs, smooth beyond anything, shoots paint like a boss, and is just awesome.
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Senghing, you are the happiest paintballer ever.
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I don't own anything that high price right now, I used too when I played more competitively. But I have shot most of those markers at some point, well what i've shot of that group is (DAM, PPS Blazer, stroker, Several G6Rs, Geo, Ego11, Etek AM4)

DAM - Best/more Expensive Electro Senerio marker out there. You get what you pay for, but honestly for the price and the style of play (woodsball, milsim) I would rather grab a AGD Tac-1. I am partial to mechs when playing LONG games in the woods, batteries annoy me. It shoots as smooth as any other Dye marker (NT, DM13) with all the awesome woodsball style features (FS magfeed, stock). Easy as hell to tech. If you want to have the highest tech, fastest marker on the milsim woods ball field i'd say its the DAM.

PPS Blazer - Some people (my friend who has one included) say they are a bit finky. Other say they are bullet proof. I've seen the finiky nature first hand. But when they are working right it's like shooting a high end electro, that happens to be mech. Not that the trigger pull is that light, but the shot is smooth, perfect and man does it rip. Even with a single trigger set up (like the one ive used) it can shoot absolute ropes. I really like playing with my friends Blazer personally.

PPS Stroker - I had a bad time with a friends Stroker (same friend) he ended up trading it not long after that day. It was getting 12 grams stuck in the quick changer that came with it. The consistency was way off and it kept popping the same oring. The first owner must have messed something up badly. What I will say is that the kid who traded for it got Palmers to get it running AWESOME. And when we shot it after Palmers had it, it was a dream. I'd go with CCM overs PPS for pumps PERSONALLY. But thats all taste.

g6R - I'm a bit of a G6r fanboy for someone who does not own one. They shoot like an absolute dream, and I find the break down very logical and easy to do. They need a few basic things regularly to upkeep them correctly, but nothing too difficult, and if everything is done right they will be absolute workhorses. These markers shoot ropes, great stock triggers, I love the milling on the premiums (with the window) and the board is very easy to use with the OLED. I've seen premiums going for like...600ish used on BST, thats a steal imo. The tactical is a good choice for someone who likes to play woods. Offers you an awesome durable marker with rails, with all the typical g6r performance. I'd say if you like Timmys, you'll LOVE the 6gr.

Geo - I won't go into this. I think its way too pricey for how it shoots. It does not feel like a super high end marker when you shoot it, thats all i can say (1 and 2 idk about 3). It's EASY as HELL to break down and keep running, but I'm just not a huge fan.

Ego11 - Awesome marker. Easier to upkeep then the g6r, I don't quite like the way it fires QUITE as much. Smoother then almost anything else though, i'd say the g6r is the smoothest shooting poppet i've ever dealt with. The newer egos are dam close, and are CAKE to upkeep, just a bit more involved then the goes.

I've been test running a friends Alien 2012 Invasion. I REALLY like it for the price. I'd take a look, it's a COOL little electro. High end performance, lacks the bells and whistles (OLED) but has all the performance of anything twice it's price.

Newer Macdev's - heard awesome things.
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J12! You know you want it! I mean I'll take it off your hands while you're at basic...
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