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How to unsubscribe from ALL threads?

I can't figure out how, and I have like 400 subscribed threads. It's crazy, and 90% of my email is mcarterbrown. Also, how does being subscribed to a thread work? Does someone actually, physically 'subscribe' me to the thread or does it work through posting and whatnot?
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I'm no expert

Go to control panel
Then go to list subscriptions
Then click on the box
Then at bottom select delete
WALA your in subscribed
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First go to control panel then select edit options. In the messaging and notification section go to Default Thread Subscription Mode select the option you want.

That will stop new ones from coming in.
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Every time you post in a thread you are automatically subscribed to it.
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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
Every time you post in a thread you are automatically subscribed to it.

By default I believe, but it's a setting that can be changed in the control panel.

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Actually, I'd recommend that you still subscribe to any thread you post in, but change the settings so that you do not receive E-mail notifications of subscription activity.
The box and option you want looks like this:

Then, I'd bookmark the control panel page, here: and make that your normal way of checking in on MCB. I keep that link in my bookmarks toolbar and click on it at least once a day.

That way whenever you click the link you'll see a listing of any thread you've posted in that has new activity you may want to read.
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