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Bob Long has been good about talking to me on the phone, but my closer's bolt broken in the middle of a tournament. They told me that it was a result of their heat-treating the bolt, and that I would have to buy a new bolt (due to their manufacturing defect). I've heard and read similar stories about Bob Long guns.

With Kee, I once talked to their technical support person on the phone to ask about Z2 settings, and she had no idea what I was talking about. that was kind of disappointing. I gave up on the Z2 loader.
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I keep hearing about how great KEE's customer service is, but all I know firsthand is that I sent them my SA17, they held onto it for 2 months without updating me unless I chased them down, lied to me about why it was taking so long (claimed no parts, when really they were holding it to put the recall parts on that I DIDN'T ask for, sent it in just before the recall was announced), then sent it back still leaking from the pierce seal.

To their credit, they did sent a free spare parts kit as well as a Rifle Kit upgrade to me free of charge for the inconvenience, but due to my confidence in their reliability being destroyed, that was the last KEE gun I bought and will continue to be so.

While I may be biased, GOG has excellent customer service and has always gotten replacement parts to me in a timely fashion when I needed them. They've also taken great care of my team as a sponsor. I've also never heard any complaints about Eclipse CS, so I would be confident doing business with them as well.
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Originally Posted by bigbthebenji View Post
Bob long in my experience has been awesome, but so has planet eclipse.
i tried ordering some parts from bob long and it took them 3 months to send the right part. gave them the part number and everything yet they couldnt get it right. but im on the east coast so we dont see too many markers from bob long. planet eclipse has always been good to me as well as empre/kee. location seems to have a big part to do with customer service in my experience.
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Customer service

Recently I had an experience with kee's customer service.

Sometime last year I picked up my gun off the table and the neck of the loader snapped at the top of the feedneck. I e-mailed kee's customer service and they quickly responded back asking for my address. Three days later I recieved a new loader...not the shell but a new loader. They sent this to questions asked.

Can't get better service than that.
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I have been a dealer for quite some time now (13 years) and i throw my vote at KEE/EMPIRE as well. they are not perferct but who is ? but their combination of Price, Quality, Service. pretty much cant be beatin, tied maybe but not beat
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If you want the best and are willing to pay for it I would say Planet. Don't have much experience with most of the other major names other than Tippmann and thats not what your looking for.

Make sure you checkout an Axe with the tank you plan to run on it, with the hoseless markers you can't do much to change how it sits other than get to a different tank. I am not a fan of the design but if it works for you rock it. I can speak for the Etek and I love it, I have a first gen one and its been very good to me. Haven't had my hands on to many non mechanical markers other than Eclipse stuff in the last few years so I am a bit out of touch.
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They warranty ( free majority of the times.) even if u bought ur gun used
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I tell ya, I went to the local shop and fondled the new Etek 4 and I like it a lot. Unexpected. The field strip bolt is outstanding compared to the Axe, which frightens me. I think there's an Etek in my future. Thank you everyone for your thoughts, they are much appreciated!
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ill gats pwn nubs n give mE pwners?
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