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I wish there was a facebook style "like" button on these posts. I want to vote on my favorites.
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Way back in the day, the local hobby shop/paintball shop bought a bagful of used gear from some guy. The owner called me in to go through it and make sure everything was okay to sell.

As I was cleaning up a Tippmann Pro-Lite, I noticed the barrel was really grungy. I jammed a wad of paper towel down the bore with a stick, and it came out coated in something nasty and brown.

Our first reaction was where in the hell was this guy putting this thing, and what was he trying to shoot through it?!?

I had a thought and cautiously sniffed it while the other guys recoiled in horror. It was chocolate. The guy had been shooting Milk Duds, or something similar, through it.

The bag o' junk also came with an old J&J hardchromed barrel, that upon further inspection appeared slightly bulged. On closer inspection, yep, the middle portion of the barrel was visibly bulged- not a huge amount, but definitely barrel shaped.

That puzzled us for a while, til we found out- later- that the previous owner had been shooting what are called "seal control" bombs- basically big firecrackers that commercial fishermen up here use to drive seals away from the nets.

They're basically an M-80 type of thing, and apparently he had one go off in the barrel. The gun was undamaged (we might have had to replace the bolt, I'm not sure) and the barrel, while bulged, hadn't split.

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We were at the field one day and this kid was being a royal pain. Talking trash to everyone and just really needed a good wake up call so we took his two piece barrel and put a Coin between the front and back well. The next game he breaks out and was one of those ooo ill lane( in a rec ball game) I think he shot about half a hopper before he realized it wasn't working. We ended up feeling bad and gave him paint needless to say he didn't mess with anyone else the rest of the day.
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