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Fubarius 02-14-2013 12:49 AM

Tales from the workbench, the rare factory paintblender mod...
Ok, here's a little idea for all use garage tinkerers, tailgate airsmiths, paid airsmiths, field and shop helpers, and what not. You're fixing a gun, find something odd, and share it with the title "Tales from the workbench, (insert catchy title)".

So I'm fixing a couple VL Orion's for a co-worker. He picked them up cheap off craigslist and wanted me to give them a once over before hitting the field with them. No problem.

So a quick tear down showed both were missing the spring guides for some reason, but were in surprisingly good condition. Once the missing spring guide was replaced (with a short length of appropriately sized screw since I didn't have any spares laying around) the first one worked perfectly.

Second one, not so much. I get it to cycle and something was odd. It was free cycling, like the sear was locked. And only when the trigger was held. So first thought, did the previous owner do the age old paintblender mod trying for full auto? Nothing indicated that any other modifications were attempted. I pull off the frame, no wear on the sear, nothing jammed along side the sear pin, nothing glued to the back of the trigger. It just seems like either the front of the sear is a millimeter or two too long, or the sear catch on the back of the trigger sticks out a millimeter or two too much, and it's been that way since it left the factory. No wonder this gun looked brand new inside, but the screws holding it together were nearly half stripped. It saw zero game time and had who knows how many people attempt to fix it.

He needs the guns for this weekend so I swap frames with my pump converted VL (where a locked sear won't matter). So happy ending, just... odd.

MIballer 02-14-2013 01:10 AM

Tales from the work bench.... The rare barrel valve.

So i bought a cople of guns of CL mainly STBB's and when i looked in one of the barrels the valve spring and poppet was in the barrel. Probably the reason i got them so cheap..

maloneoni 02-14-2013 02:10 AM

This thread is already full of win.

Phoenix01 02-14-2013 03:37 AM

My brother-in-law has a 2k5'ed Texas Storm Timmy that he said the eye covers were stripped. Simple fix, get longer screws to grab onto the rest of the threads in the hole. Not so simple fix he said because the longer screws wouldn't work with this Kila eye covers being slightly thinner than factory eye covers. So he dropped it off since I said I could jump up a screw size. I happen to have a wonderful set of taps and only needed to buy the button head screws. Stock eye cover screws are #2-56 and I was going to go up to #3-48. Here is where it gets confusing.

The night before I was going to head to the shop before doing the repair, I had to disassemble the marker down to just the body. I've had it up in my cabinet since my b-i-l gave it to me to work on. I didn't even look at it until that night... So curiosity got the best of me and I decided to see if I could tighten down the screws just to see how close they would get before the threads would lose hold. I started on the left side and it tightened down all the way and held good.

Hmmm? Odd, but maybe it was the other side he was having issues with and just said both were bad. Since he had bought the Kila eye covers with magnetic detents I could tell the detent was out of place so I loosened the screw out to take the cover off. This is where I find out why he was having such a hard time and makes me really scratch my head as this was a really, really, simple fix. There is a nut threaded on the screw, which was preventing him from being able to full tighten down the eye cover.

When I did get a chance to talk about it to him, he said he had no idea that there was a nut on there. This is so confusing because how wouldn't he have known about it unless he didn't put the eye covers on himself. Maybe he had it done at a shop local to him, they are a nice shop but I get the feeling that some of the help isn't or at the very least rather "green."

I did learn that the #3-48 screw will fit perfectly through the Kila detent without having to drill the hole to make it wider, but factory covers will need to have the screw hole enlarged just a touch but the head of the screw will fit nicely in the recess of the screw hole.

Looking everything over, I still feel very confident in being able to pull off this repair for bodies with damaged eye cover threads. I think I will have to look for a cheap body with damaged eye cover threads and just do this repair on it so I can take pictures and show the work done. That and figure out if there are any other brands of markers that use a #2-56 screw that strips easily.

K_Obeastly 02-14-2013 05:28 AM

A guy brought his gun into the local shop with a CP reg that "didn't work." The air line was run into the guage port.

Some kid that was adjusting "the loudness knob" on his timmy before it started leaking in between the grip and body. After reattaching the hose I ended up using a sharpie to write "max loudness" on the LPR guage. The shop owner wiped it off before giving it back to him.

240SX 02-14-2013 08:02 AM

A kid from the local field here had a PM8 that had been suffering from eye malfunctions for God knows how long. He had it to the pro shop here who replaced the eyes several times but it seemed like every time he went out for a game they would malfunction again. Anyways he drops it off to me and I take a look. It turns out that it wasn't an eye issue, the button for disabling the eyes had some old paint in it and was stuck in the activated position causing the eyes to turn off every time it was powered up.

Slappadapink 02-14-2013 08:58 AM

Tales from the workbench, the perfectly fine Timmy.

My buddy says he's having problems with his Timmy. I tell him to bring it the next time we play. He shows up and says when he airs it up it doesn't leak but won't cycle. He screws in the tank to the ASA turns off the eyes and it won't cycle. I ask if I can see it. He hands it over and I screw in the on/off, pull the trigger and it cycles. We stare at each other and say nothing. I hand it back.

He goes to chrono takes a few shots then it stops cycling so he calls me over again. I press the power button on his rotor and it fires again. We stare at eachother but say nothing.

Some fixes are just to easy. We still don't talk about the incident.

jason_finnie 02-14-2013 09:20 AM

I had a deal when I was younger many years ago with the local Sports Authority to buy the Tippmann 98s that customers returned.

It saved them money from having to throw them out and label them "defective allowance".

I got them for $70 each. The manager would call me each week, and ring them up for me at the register when I came in to pick them up.

90% of the guns I took home had a broken ball, paint, or shells pieces stuck in the breech or bolt. I took them apart, cleaned the break, re-assembled them, and sold them for a nice profit.

Shane-O 02-14-2013 12:12 PM

Story #1
Kid brings in a Tippmann Pro carbine and say he cannot get the velocity up over 180-220fps. So I take it apart and make a shocking discovery, someone had used Red Loctite instead of oil in the asa, and it had blown all over the hammer and slowed it down , BUT STILL WORKED! Kid of course blamed his brother, but we all know what that means. After cleaning the hammer off it worked fine, we thought the valve would have been fubared also, but it was fine.

Story #2
Buddy buys a rare Cocker from a guy who could never use it, as it was always messed up. Had our local Cocker guru go through it and set it all up, works like a champ. My buddy sees the guy at the field and he asks if he cans shoot it since its been fixed. Buddy says sure, hands him the gun in the chrono area, and the previous owners immediately grabs the rock knob and starts cranking on it (raising the pressure) for no reason, and he wondered why it never worked for him..........

EgoPossum 02-14-2013 12:21 PM

Working in a paintball/hardware store leads to alot of good stories.....

Hardware - talked to a guy that was installing a dishwasher that he just purchased. I showed him the dishwasher supply line that we sell for $22.99 (stainless braided hose). Told him it was an easy install since it comes with the fittings that work for 95% of the dishwashers and I could come up with 2 fitting that would make it so that he could just attach it to 1/2" copper pipe. He thought that was "too expensive" and opted for the clear braided PVC hose and the fittings he thought would work because $22.99 was "too much". I warned him that the braided PVC hose was not meant to be used as a hot supply line. He came back the next day and sheepishly bought the hose that I told him the day prior to buy. Seemed that he was awakened by a loud bang and the sound of water spraying when the hose failed.

Paintball - I get this once a year at the shop where someone has taken their 98C apart and either put the detent or bolt in backwards. I always ask if they have taken the gun apart and always get the "No, it just started not working". Split the clamshells and something is always backwards (Getting the "ohh it came like that").
I am thinking of putting a holy bible near the tech area and getting customers to put their hands on it and swear to god that they did not take the gun apart to see what happens.

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