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How do the Hammerhead 8" rifled barrels perform?

Hopefully I posted this in the right section. If not my apologies.

Does anyone have any experience with these?

Positive/negative, observations etc... Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
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It was a loan of the 14 inch barrel that got me to get a set. However,my first barrel was 10 inch overall. This one shoots well on my lasoya pro master, but my automags and spool guns did not seem to like it. Since I had tried it on a spool gun first, I got a longer rifled section of the standard 14 inch length. It works on the mags. I keep the 10 for the few makers that like it because I really like the length.
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I have one, I have really enjoyed using it. I toss it on my mag for some compact fun with a smaller tank and hopper. And it honestly puts ball on ball for me with decent paint. Depending on paint, it outshines my freak barrel or is at least on par with it. There was one case of Empire Special Blend that did not work well with ANY barrel that day.

I'm not one to care for the whole "rifled barrel" thing, I got the barrel for free and I've enjoyed it. I recently got some fins to use it on my compact A5 rig. So far no play time with it there, so I can't say much more on that platform.

I suppose it's a little louder than some barrels, but that is to be expected. That being said I don't really notice it too much.

I do really like the length, short barrels don't bother me at all. In fact I prefer them over the longer barrels.

Never had a break in it so I've never had to squeegie it out and see how it performs.

My only gripe, is sometimes the fin gets a bit more snug in the gun than to the main barrel, and with any body that it goes into deep (like a Tac-One mag) you may have a fun time getting the fin out. But really that's not much wrong with the barrel as far as performance goes.
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automags are easy on the upkeep to, from what my friends have told me u can clean them with a hammer
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