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Six Point Five
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12 grams?

Kee.. jt.. leland.. crossman? Hey guys, i can get jt's for 4.99$ a box of 12. Or kee. Leland's id have to order and i heard bad about crossman. How are jt's comparable?
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Stardust Memory
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JT are ok, but their length is a bit shorter than leland and kee so if you get JT you will have to make adjustment accordingly (if your gun is sensitive to 12 grams length).

I haven't had a dead JT yet. If you can get Kee or Leland it would be better though, the price per 12 gram is about the same.
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Buying in bulk with Leland will save you $.
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Originally Posted by Titus View Post
Buying in bulk with Leland will save you $.
I concur.

I get 450 bricks once a year.
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Kee 12 grams have been really good quality lately (im not sure of the brand). Lelands are always a go to favorite.

Titus will you be selling 12's and 10rd tubes at the Cinco de mayo paintball fun fest / extravaganza / rowdy awesome party?
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