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Most people won't bring a knife to a gun fight. Why would you bring a pump to a ramping game?

I always keep my Ego7 around in case
1. I get bonus balled.
2. I am getting my butt handed to me while using my pump.
3. Find people of similar skill who are using ramping guns.
4. That one cheating bastard who won't get out no matter how much you shoot them with a pump. You really have to shoot them into submission.
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I use both and it just depends. I mainly use a pump but when the need arises I use an electro.
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yea, i mean i love my G6r but i don't think there is another gun that i like in other words for a semi since i had one. i wouldn't want to sell it but i guess i would just keep it as a loaner or as a back up as many of you said, just in case i have a bad day of play or depending on the situation im in. i just figure i would ask. feels like im stuck in a rut but i might as well keep it and rotate it into my paintball outings. i dont know much about excals or vikings although i do admire them a lot but i'll just keep what i have and make the best of it.
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Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
I have a G6R, i love the gun to death
Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
i love my G6r...I wouldn't want to sell it .
Don't. You will not be able to replace it, even with an identical model.

just my opinion/experience...

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^ second. If you love a particular gun then keep it even if you don't use it very often. Sometimes certain guns just have a slightly different feel than others of the same kind/model, may as well keep the one that you know you like. If at some point in the future you come to not be impressed or never want to use it again then sell it.

I currently own more semi's than pumps but will be selling 1-2 fairly soon. They're cool/good guns, but are eclipsed by others that I like better. I actually played semi(mech cocker/blazer) almost exclusively this summer and had a blast, so I see no need to get rid of your electro just because you are playing pump right now. Sometime in the future you will probably want to play semi again so keep the gun.
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If the G6r means alot to you don't sell it. Me personally, as a rec player, I don't need an electro on hand. I'd sell the G6r, get the money I made from it and grab an Enmy and a used ccm or other mid to high end pump. Total your looking at about 550 bucks and now you have a gun for every type of play. From what I've heard and seen first hand, the enmy can hold its own with guns twice its price. Toss that in your bag in case someone hurts your feelings. Use the same hopper and tank on both, buy an ion to auto cocker adapter and use the same barrel.... Profit???
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I have pumps and mechs in my bag. Always have my pump on hand for the simple fact of 2 hours left with 100 rounds on hand and too cheep to buy more. Still fun day.

I get crapped on for my large bag but I have 4 or 5 markers in it. One breaks down and all i need to do is grab another. On a occasion i let someone borrow one.. nothing like hearing multi ATS firing on the field.
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I always start my day with a couple pump games but always bring at least one semi and one electro. I will switch to more firepower because
1. the paint is crappy
2. my arse gets tired of being kicked

electro comes out for
1. wipers
2. hung over

Just throwing this out there the Gog enemy has been being a really nice in between kinda gun, nice and lite snappy trigger and since their is no metal sear or anything when I get it home I just hose it off. I really try to beat that thing and it just keeps coming back
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Originally Posted by Jello78 View Post
do you guys have a semi gun that you keep in your bag or all you own is pump gun?
Nope, just pumps. I own two stock class pistols and two open class snipers, nothing else.

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I don't use a pump. Strategical placement of multiple strings of paint wins the game everytime. If you cannot afford multiple cases of paint for every day you play then don't cry to me, its your own fault for being poor. Now buy my electro so I can get a t2.

I like to keep a space dildo around for people who cheat and overshoot, but hadn't used it in over a year. Finally shot it again just because it had been a long time, and I really dominated the few games I did use it. I had become so accustomed to shooting less that when I was able to employ the skills leaned shooting less with the firepower of an elctro, well magic happened. Not gonna use it often but it was something different to change things up and that made it a great experience. Had more fun using a pistol earlier in the day for the first time with only about 50 rounds for a whole game. Keep it, variety is the spice of life.
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