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Question Can cocking rod diameter affect velocity on Autocockers/Snipers?

Can the diameter of a cocking rod affect velocity? I read an add for KAPP cocking rods that mentioned them having a small diameter with the benefit of less friction against the IVG and therefore higher velocity readings. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?

I like the AKA cocking rods because they are thicker. The AKA cocking rod snugly fits in the IVG and cuts down on a lot of play in the hammer. I choose them because I figured they would give the most consistent hammer to sear interaction. I really don't think the snugness of the AKA cocking rod could cause a loss in velocity but I'd like to hear what you guys have to say about it.
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The cocking rod and anything hung on them (like dice), are part of the hammer weight (mass), so that has a little effect (maybe up or down, it's a cocker).

The friction is pretty debatable. The smaller diameter also means more angle possible for the rod and hammer (the play you noted), which may allow the hammer to rub on the body more. It's pretty rare when looser is better on a clean machine.

Any increase in velocity would not be from efficiency as much as valve dwell, and you would rather have consistency over a little friction anyway. Even if you give them their claim, I don't see how it is a benefit.
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I agree, as long as the cocking rod isn't so thick that it doesn't fit through the ivg without rubbing, there shouldn't be any friction(to worry about) between them.

I use a stainless cocking rod to bump up the weight on my stock hammer.
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I never even knew they made them in different diameters...
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Nice to know I don't need to buy a bunch of new cocking rods to replace all my AKA rods.

I encourage you guys to try an AKA cocking rod. They are only ~$10 new from AKA and can actually help you time the hammer release earlier in a pull without having to worry about the hammer slipping. If you add the end from a Shocktech cocking rod to the AKA rod, you have the perfect cocking rod IMO.
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