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haha! Well let the wood jokes roll on gents, i believe i will be working with Legolas on this one!
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I think that Rainman made a bullpup mag from scratch... There may even be a build thread on here somewhere. You might get some ideas for your trigger linkage...


Found it. Pneumag though...

P90 mag ( more parts for it) pictures fixed and added some
MicroMags 'R Us

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this one will be a pneumag or EP mag as well, so no worries there. Thanks for digging that link up though!
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* insert ma********ion joke here*

anybody with a little experience with a band saw and a router could do this for you
for a fair price. You're friendly neighborhood Woodworker could.

But if you're looking for something out of this world you're asking at the right place
I've been out of the game for a while so if I'm way off on pricing don't be shy to let me know
WTB a para-ordinance MOD85

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I've heard Mar is good with wood!
But for real he made the pirate stock that was on a superstocker I got from him indirectly. I don't have it anymore though....
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bonds feedback:

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^^^ Rainman 6-8-2007
"I thought of doing that when i first started the project. But then decided against it. just to much of a hassel. PLus since i should be keeping this one. I like hoppers better. "

Big Jim

Originally Posted by Mr. Furious View Post
You'll have a tough time finding a nicer group of people on the internet(even if our opinions all suck).

Originally Posted by Vitalsilence View Post
I've dealt with canadians several times and I usually undercharge by 2-5 dollars cause I feel bad for them sometimes. Just my 2cents.

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