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Washing machine. Hot water with baking soda. Then scrub with white vinegar.

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Originally Posted by Hawkeye20 View Post
Washing machine. Hot water with baking soda. Then scrub with white vinegar.
This will work for both the cat and the gear.
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Chemistry tip:

Cat piss smells so bad because of the amonia in it.

Amonia is a basic compound.

To neutralize a basic compound, you need an acidic compound.

Vinegar (like white vinegar as someone mentioned) is a fairly weak acid.

Or give that natures miracle a try and tell me how it goes because my cat is old and has an iffy bladder lmao
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Seriously I tried everything on a coat that got pissed on by a cat and it just wouldn't go away. Then, one day I left it on the ground and the cat pissed on it again. Metal stuff should be fine. Other stuff..good luck!
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Easy, put a .22 in the cat.
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is reloading
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Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
Oh...and use your cat as a rain cover
Originally Posted by tlane77 View Post
Kill it with fire.

The cat that is.
Originally Posted by canuckistani View Post
Easy, put a .22 in the cat.
The cat does need to be put down, do it humanly. You gear bag now has a sent and the cat will try to use it again and again. Once they find a spot to piss and crap in they don't give it up easily.
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Go to a hockey shop the sell two or there different products that kill odor causing bacteria suck as urine
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Actually urine is sterile. No bacteria. Ammonia smells terrible though, a basic chemical compound, not an organic one (quite caustic, the reason urine is sterile). So any product targeting organic compounds won't work. Specific products for urine neutralize the ammonia (or is it actually the acid precursor we make ammonia from? can't recall).
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Why does the cat hate you??? Cats don't piss on things by accident Better figure it out or it will keep happening...

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