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Looking to get a new tank

I've been in the sort since 2008 and have only purchased 3 hpa tanks,

My latest that I've used for a while is an old systems x 68/45 from 2004. It's been rehydro'd once and has had a small leak for the longest time. I got it from a good friend and the leak is dosent bother me, but I just found out that tanks expire after 15 years of use. I know it has another six years to go but Ive been thinking about getting a new tank.

My budget is $150.00 tops, I've been looking at crossfire tanks, not to sure about them though. I've been staying away from GA, and any other not well know company.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I run a bunch of old school markers so high pressure is just fine, and I'm looking for a 45/45 or small /45 tank.
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ninja and crossfire make the best regulators right now.
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I would look around for a used ninja 45/45 or a crossfire in the bst with a few years left on their first hydro cycle. You can probably find one for around $100-150. The ninja 45/45 is really light.
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I have a standard Ninja 45/45, set for 650 psi that I use on all sorts of things. I thought it would be used only on low pressure electros, but it works on pump mags, an alley cat, and my low pressure pumps.

Being shorter and smaller than a 68, I don't use a drop with it. Sometimes I even use a reverse mounted rail to get more length (cocker pumps with back blocks).

One of my favorite setups is a Lasoya PM with the 45 and a 10" barrel. It has a nice balance of weight and space. An A1 Fly is about the same overall, but the grip is different.
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I am going to say Ninja, and I will tell you why in a bit more detail. I have three GA Myth regs from back when Dan Colby was there. He actually gave me a Myth G2 with the wrench and a few goodies including the "proper" lube, Chemplex 720. They are a small reg, but not without their issues. Ninja on the other hand has very little to any issues. They are a bit longer than the Myths, but around the same length as everything else. Keep in mind, Ninja is a marketing brand for PSI which made tank regs for Pure Energy (Until around late 2008 or early 2009), WGP, and many others. The Ninja regs work, better than anything else.

By working, I mean that as you go from a full to an empty tank, or nearly so, most other companies regs, I know specifically GA and Crossfire do this, the reg output pressure drops. So they may be outputting at 850 PSI at a full 4500 PSI fill, but at 2000 PSI, the output pressure may be dropped by a couple of hundred PSI. Or more. But with a Ninja reg, the output pressure stays at 850 PSI from full until often around 900 PSI, before it drops in pressure.

I get that with a secondary reg, say the ASA reg on a Mini, or an AKA Sidewinder reg, a fluctuation of pressure from the tank reg of up to 50 PSI, or even up to 100 PSI, may not change much of anything. But what happens when a tank is outputting at 850 PSI at 4500 PSI, and it is now outputting at say 475 PSI at 2000 PSI? What does that do to your velocity on your marker?

And a brand new Ninja reg on a tank is right around $150. Might be as much as $160.
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Anything ninja.

I have used the Ninja reg swap twice now and I would recommend that to anybody. I have one of those system x tanks with a ninja reg on it. Full of win.
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Ninja all the way. American made too!
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