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I used to paintball...?
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Empire Prophecy Jamming

Hey folks,

My Prophecy is jammin' like Bob Marley. It's to the degree now where I can only get a few shots before it goes into full lockup, at which point I have to break it down completely and unseat the stuck ball (did this twice today... in a trench... under fire...). The ball is getting stuck right before it turns downward to drop into the feedneck; basically, if you flip the hopper over and look up through the neck, you'll see half a ball sticking out. It jams bad enough that even progressing/advancing the stack with the button or the Rip Drive has no effect.

So... thoughts? It's a first gen Prophecy with a metal insert in the feedneck. Settings are stock except I've raised the force a little. I put it back together very carefully but never underestimate my ability to do things wrong, lol.

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I don't own one any more, but I recall that it was very easy to have the shells/anti jam out of alignment which could cause balls to jam. I found Simons videos on YouTube helpful.
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I always have to make sure that the shell bits by the beginning of my raceway are put together properly. They may look ok from the outside, but aren't from the inside........if that makes any sense.
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I used to paintball...?
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It does, and I don't think it was either.

Looking up the neck under good light I could see that the internal "ramp" (no idea what the real name is) was offset a good bit from the feedneck insert. The insert also had more play than it should. So, I stripped it down and found that the thicker shrinkwrapped section of the battery harness was pinned between the ramp and the hopper floor tightly enough to bend the ramp's top fins. Sorted that all out and reassembled it and everything lines up as it should.

I'll report back once I do a drop test but I think that was it.
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