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What dummy 12g adapter fits a CCI bucket changer?

Like the title says, what dummy 12g adapter will fit inside a CCI quick change adapter?

I've tried two so far (latest was one of the really nice ones from Titus) and both seem too long due to the dome end being too flatly curved, thus not allowing the 12g adapter to sit down far enough. I can't get the adapter closed all the way as a result.

Alternatively, what's the best way to cut down a dummy 12g so that it fits properly?
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Do yours not fit because they are too long or because they are not radiused properly? The best way would be a lathe. But if you could chuck it in a drill press or the like you could file a better radius on it as it spins.
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If you're trying to run an air tank for a foregrip, why not just put on a gas-thru foregrip and call it a day? You can pick one up for anywhere from $7 to $20 bucks, depending on how fancy you want to get. Hell, if by chance you're Phantom is green, I've got a BNIB green expansion chamber foregrip I'll sell you on the cheap.

It's still a quick change from open to stock; just unscrew the foregrip and put on your bucket changer.
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The Titus dummies need to be filed down, the radius is the issue. Don't file to much, or it won't seal up.
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I was going to say to use a foregrip, but maybe he doesn't want to remove the 12gram changer adapter in the vertical ASA.
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