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OK then try this next time you go play. Before everyone gets started go find a place to practice by your self. The drill is simple, pick a small target about 30-40 feet away. Keep looking at your target, raise your gun up to where you think it should be and shot one paintball. See where it goes. Then repeat. Go slow, each time adjust where you aim but don't take you eyes of the target. Do this for 5-10 minutes and you should get the hang of it pretty quick.

I'd that does not work, get good at seeing how quickly you can shot 5-10 paintballs in someone's direction :-)
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You should figure out your dominant eye. Firearms shooters often don't think about this because they aim down the barrel, but coming from a bow background I can tell you using the wrong eye kills your depth perception and your aim. If i wasn't beat and "off" on this tuesday night I would explain the test for eye dominance, but you can find it on google. Make sure you shoot with that eye, when you don't you have zero depth perception.

Sorry if this has been said, I only read the first page of replies. Sounds like when you "try" to aim your shots are off, possibly because your aiming with an eye that sees things a bit away from where they are (your "off" eye). in archery when someone is shooting consistently, but wrong, this is one of the first things you look for. I'm a righty with left eye dominance, so I actually have to shoot bows lefty. For paintball it just means I need to close my right eye (or keep them both open) but NEVER close my left eye or shoot with only my right field of vison focus. I hope that was semi coherent (because thats my state at the moment, so i can't expect much more XD).
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alright this may be a bit silly. Ill get a few guys around and after a few beers we get out the coloring books, and paper. we draw stick men or targets, or centaurs or whatever, and use the pages out of the coloring books for target practice. I got a simple blanket trap for reballs at the end of my hallway. I assure you its fun as hell shooting spiderman in the face. One tip would be to take your gun away from your target after each shot or double tap if that's your style. This way you cant use your rounds as tracers and your first shot gets better. But really, coloring books are a blast. i recommend keeping the old targets up and layering on the new ones. just bc there's more "confetti" and makes for a very satisfying massacre.
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Originally Posted by Chad Thompson View Post
It was a simple question....I thought.
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Originally Posted by PumpMonkey_Dave View Post
If that does not work, get good at seeing how quickly you can shot 5-10 paintballs in someone's direction :-)
Sig'd. Thanks guys, I am going to put some of these suggestions into practice and see how things work out.
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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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thinking too hard sounds the case - along with changing muscle memory

long long long long looooong ago - a lesson learned was

start and end every day of play with just shooting around with your main marker
shoot at the target dummies
shoot at poles
shoot at rocks
shoot at edges of trees

take 1 shot at a time
2 shots
3 shots

aim for 1 target
2 targets
3 targets

can you shoot it on the side
can you shoot it as you slide
can you shoot off the edge of the house
can you hit the rock near the mouse

have a friend call targets for you

just shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot reload shoot

practicing basics without thinking and encourage yourself to talk to others as you go so that your mind is actively doing two things at least at a time

it takes time to see the results - but - when you do - ooooooooh man watch out

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Originally Posted by RatFink View Post
The last time I took it off because I was going cross eyed trying to shoot from a small vertical window where one eye could see the sight and the surrounding area and the other could only see plywood. I was freaking out.
LOL. Yeah, don't do that. That's the wrong kind of "occlusion".

But that is a good point. If you are going for a one-ball, use both eyes, especially if one is on a occluded sight.
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This is a bit of wisdom from the pool table.

I read that you are making the hard snap shots and missing the seemingly easy ones. I believe the extra time you have on the easy ones may be causing you to "over think" the shots. The snaps you are fully relying on instict and muscle memory; letting your body do what it has been conditioned to do many times over. When you are sneaking up and slowly taking aim, your mind is preparing for something your body already knows how to accomplish.

Try this. When you find yourself in those positions; take aim as if you are snap shooting. You have already done what was necessary to make your shot ideal; shoulder the gun and let it fly.

As it relates to playing pool. All of your planning is done while you are standing over the table. You know your target; and what you plan to do to get shape on the next ball. When you lean over onto the table to make the shot, it's time to stop thinking; it's time to execute. If you come to any other realizations when you are down (maybe you now see an obstruction you didn't see before); you stand back up, readjust, re-prepare. When you lean back down, done, execute.

I feel like I'm having trouble conveying my thoughts on how to relate this to shooting. I hope the above helps you understand what I'm trying to get at.
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Get a reflex dot sight and youl no longer have to guess where the shots gonna go. Youl know.
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