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dump pouch alternatives

Hi I just got a new mk3 and played with it the first two times this past Saturday and Sunday and absolutely love it. As far as I'm concerned the mags are much easier to deal with than my previous longbow mag set up. The one thing I didn't like about the longbow set up was the drop leg mag pouches. I didn't like how they hindered my running and especially crouching abilities. On the milsig rig I can't put mags back in the pouch because they are actually ar15 mag pouches and are very tight on milsig mags.

That being said, I need some other place to put spent mags that's not a drop leg dump pouch because I want to avoid that whole thing again. I also don't think id be a fan of the belt mounted dump pouches because they would flop around as I run. I guess what I'm really looking for is a larger pouch that can be woven into the back of my molle vest and can hold around 4-5 mags. any suggestions?
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That would be a Spyder-majigger-peiceofcarp-locktite-marker
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Wiskey two four pb was some larger diameter dump bags ( have elastic closures, plenty of attachment pts.

I use a cheap rectangle zippered util bag about 4X10X6. But I run with T9 mags. Every now and then I loose a mag while playing and have to out and find it. I write that off as part of the game.
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hustle paintball and i believe rockstar tactical are both selling dye molle dump pouches on sale right now
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Crown Royal Velvet bags lol
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Here is what I use

RedHeadŽ Deluxe Mesh Shooting Bag | Bass Pro Shops
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Had someone make one for me. Looks like the pbmafia style dump pouch. Works great.
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Crown Royal Velvet bags lol
That is ****ing genius. I might have to start doing that.
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Crown Royal Velvet bags lol
God, back about 3 years ago when I played every weekend, every agg kid used a Crown Royal bag as a tank cover. I'm talking kids like 12 to 16.
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