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Ansgear reliable?

Order 5 pump kits for delivery to the uk on the 16th, status of the order has been "processing" ever since. They were all listed as "in stock" - do I need to be concerned? Paid by PayPal, my PayPal ain't verified but they haven't e-mailed me on my normal e-mail address or my PayPal one to alert me
to any problems.
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download Skype and call them.

wts bko for cheap
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If I were u I would give them a call. I just ordered some stuff this past week on clearance and checked my status to see if it had been shipped. Turned out the main part I needed was out of stock. Called them instead of email, real helpful and ended up canceling my order. Got a Paypal refund 10 minutes after hanging up. Went back on the site to choose a different option but actually used there online chat feature to make sure the items were instock before I placed another. They were. In the past I have never had any issues. GL
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They are pretty reliable in the states. Usually sends their items out fairly quickly. Doesn't seem to be the case for internationals.

I agree with Jc, call them now. Keep track of your order.

I had a similar case with Critical Paintball. Waited a few days before I phoned Critical Paintball on the status of my order. Turns out they were out and had to wait for a new shipment. Took around 2 1/2 months before I received the shipment. Never called back or emailed to update me. Critical Paintball, great products, sub par customer service.
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Did the live chat thing, it was because my PayPal wasn't verified, they still got the funds but won't release the order until I verify my PayPal account. Just started the process but now need to get to an ATM to get the code (no Internet banking).
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Unlucky, ANS has always been on point in my experience.
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I agree. Most of what i buy comes from ans.
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Thanks all feeling a little reassured, will get back on the chat tonight, suspect the problem is I put my delivery address as work, which is unconfirmed by paypal, trouble is the confirmed address is home and they are likely to deliver there when I'm at work.....
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My dealings with them have all gone well. I did try to ship to a friends house, but that was a no go because it didn't match my credit card billing address. I can't really complain about them playing it safe with the shipping though. Every time there has been an issue I've gotten a call from them pretty quickly
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ANS hasn't been mentioned much as of late, beyond some of their deals. Which is good, because they have had some bad situations. I agree with getting Skype and using that to call them, much cheaper than calling them in person.

Also, I have not seen the best of luck with using their online service. It seems like the CS guys online are in a whole over building, and can't be bothered to go across the street to actually check on things.
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