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Like someone already said, you cannot beat Inferno as a reliable rental/loaner. Those will probably set you off quite a bit, but they are built like tanks.

Marker range
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Originally Posted by baader View Post
Like someone already said, you cannot beat Inferno as a reliable rental/loaner. Those will probably set you off quite a bit, but they are built like tanks.

Marker range

I have zero experience with these, so cannot comment on them, but from all I've read they are pretty well made.

But come on. They aren't 'unbeatable' as renters. Otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation on this website. Indeed, there would be nothing to debate if there were any clear winner. For this application we have outlined a few of the better choices. Tippmann is the undisputed top dog in rentals, outlaw, etc., for a reason. It isn't because they make the best looking markers, or the most efficient, or most elegant, or lightest, or cleanest, or simplest to maintain, or whatever. They don't.

It is because they make a product that, like it or not, hate it or not, pound for pound and measure for measure works more often in more situations with more users for less money than any other marker.

And that is the simple and ineluctable dead end of that road.

However, there is more to life than the cold bottom line, and thus other things to debate. Which is why we are here, advocating for different markers, because out of all the markers in the world, there are a small few that continually rise to the top each and every time this conversation comes up. And the reason the same few markers rise to the top is because they all have a lot going for them for this particular application.

Here the mag and the Tippy/BT especially deserve advocacy because they no longer have to prove themselves. The EnMey may well be living proof that even Satan can produce a quality product. Or it may be yet another instance of short-term gratification, long term misery and disappointment. Time has not yet told, and the jury is still out on that one.

But in the world of paintball, the jury came back on mags and Tippmanns in the Cambrian period.
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GOG is the way to go whether its the basic e gun or the mech
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A lot of sites in the UK have been swapping their infernos for 98's over the last couple of years, I think price is the main reason though.
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